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Mia Khalifa Shares Twitter DMs From Duke Williams

Mia Khalifa Shares Twitter DMs From Duke Williams

Mia Khalifa has no time for bullshit. She also has no time for intrusive DMs, the most recent offender being Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams. You’d think he would learn after she so formidably shut Drake down earlier in the year during a radio interview, but you’d be wrong.

Duke WIlliam DMs To Mia Khalifa

You’d think that four messages spanning five months with no response would say something and perhaps clue him in, but you’d be wrong there, too. Apparently the lovely Ms. Khalifa thought that was enough hints as well, and promptly delivered a private, amazing verbal smackdown…which she then made extremely public. My favorite line is the last one: “K since you can’t take a hint or a curve, maybe a block will work.”

Duke had better grab a sweater; it just got real fucking chilly.

Guys, just because a woman is a) sexually desirable and b) is a porn star, it doesn’t automatically grant you a free pass to make a pass at her. You don’t see me sending raunchy pictures or DMs to Xander Corvus, even though I would really like to. It’s the difference between wanting to do the thing and then actually doing the thing – the little voice saying “no dude, that’s probably an unwelcome intrusion” that misters Drake and Duke do not seem to have.

Better luck next time, boys. Or, if you learned your lesson, maybe not.

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