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Miami ‘Exxxotica’ Convention

Cindi Loftus emails:

Luke, Hi Honey! I’m in a hotel room with Ace Cartier in Overtown, you know kinda like ghettoville where they had the riots several years back? Anyway we are still having an intense conversation and it is almost 5am in the morning, and he thinks having the alarm set for 10am is a good idea, lol. If he thinks he is getting my ass out of bed in 5 hours he is outta his mind! Especially since my trip down to Miami was HELL!. I left my house at 5pm, planning to be at my booth at 6 cuz Carmen Luvana would be signing for me. Well my 32 mile drive took me THREE HOURS, no I’m not kidding, LITERALLY 3 hours in so much traffic that made me go an average of 10 miles per hour, OMG. AND I didn’t have my cel because was at the convention being used. . So I arrive FINALLY and find that Carmen had signed at my booth from 5-6pm. It went well, there was a long line of fans and Carmen looked beautiful, and was sweet and friendly as always, (I heard, lol, I was still stuck in trafficat the timel) Joanna Angel, whose Xcitement cover, layout and interview just came out last night, (we talk about u in the interview) showed up tonight and the fans were very happy to see her as she wandered around the convention checking out the booths. The big stage was full of almost naked girls trying out for the title of Miss Exxxotica 2007 . There were a nice number of fans mingling, but it wasn’t over-crowded, just pleasantly populated with porn patrons.

….The convention is PACKED with stars today.
Way more than were here last year. A quick list that comes to mind includes-Tera Patrick, Jenna Jameson ( both with long lines of fans), Jenna Haze ( sweet, friendly, adorable) Carmen Luvana ( beautiful, professional and smiling as always), Hillary Scott(omg so sexy, I brought her a penis shaped loli, and the things she did with that!!!!) , Renae Cruz (soon to be star of Sex Z Picture’s J. HO), Gina Lynn (looking gorgeous), Nikki Benz(doing an onstage promo with Batman for Screaming O and holding a “who does the hottest fake orgasm” contest), Joanna Angel (looked just like the cover Xcitement just did of her, except shorter, lol) , Kaylani (breath-taking), Jessica Drake (just as beautiful in person), Carmen Hart(smiling and friendly), Ron Jeremy ( who’s book is 11 on the NYTime Bestseller list), Tommy Gunn (who KILLED my fantasy of him, I’ll tell you more later), Randy Spears ( So gracious when I told him he was a great actor) and so many more….

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