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Michael Fattorosi Seeks Health Insurance For All Porners

He posts on XPT:

I have a broker and several carriers waiting on the sidelines wanting to write insurance – all lines – for the industry.

And its not nearly as expensive as everyone thinks.

WorkComp for a B/G scene – a whopping $21.50. For less than the price of lunch for 2 each studio can protect talent and themselves from CalOSHA fines, regulation and claims.

I will get a quote on affordable healthcare plans for talent.

If the industry banded together, insurance rates could be low enough to make it affordable even without a union.

Tricia Devereaux writes:

There had been a health insurance plan available to porn community for years. I have heard that AIM recommends one. I also know for sure that Zeboray Insurance has a group policy for the adult business.I’m all for competition, so if Michael puts one together too, then that’s all the better for more choices.

As far as MAKING people have insurance, I’m not going to make people do anything except do their best to not hurt me or others (why I am support of centralized STD testing). But I DO support helping people find ways of doing things easier, better and cheaper.
For the record, when I had to retire, I had my own individual health insurance plan. So, no – I’m not just some golddigging ex-porn chick who found a sugar daddy to take care of me. I was a porn chick who knew I was taking risks and was doing at least the minimum of what I could to protect myself from those risks.
I tell porn girls all the time to get insurance, save a certain percentage of their earnings. I’m not their mom and I’m not their caretaker. I can’t force them to do anything.

Moxie writes:

Tricia, and what if you didn’t have insurance, what would have happened to you? What if you were like many college age kids and just chanced it. What happens then. Its pretty common place that people who take part in inherently dangerous activities, such as ridding a motorcyle, are forced to take precautions. Think of mandatory health insurance as a helmet for performers.

Seeing how government is taking an interest in safety of adult sets, how long until the industry is forced to do this anyway. Wouldn’t it better the next time a Sasha Grey goes on a news mag for her to be able to say the industry is safety conscious and requires performers have health insurance.

Tricia Devereaux responds:

Moxie – Then I wouldn’t have expected anyone else to be responsible for me, and I would have been working off the medicial bills for the rest of my life.Most of the people on this board don’t know me very well yet, but I have strong libertarian views with a few soft spots here and there.
I’m going to expect people to live their own lives and make their own informed choices, which includes whether or not they want health insurance to insure them against potential future problems. In this business, it just makes sense. At the very least, visits for non-life threatening STDs can get costly over the years.

For years, I didn’t have car insurance. I had a DMV bond instead, so I would be financially reponsible for any damange I caused to someone else. Not everyone can afford to do that, but if they can, it should be their choice. (btw – the entire time I was covered by the bond, I never got into an accident, and saved thousands of dollars. If I had gotten into an accident, I would have lost money – either some of the money I saved or more. It was a gamble, and I happened to come out ahead.)

Now for the soft spot… I understand feelings of invincibility, feelings of risk-taking. Therefore, when someone in the adult business needs help, I do feel sorry for them and will do a little to help them get through the rough parts. After all, if it was their choice to take the thousands of dollars that companies paid them and NOT use it for their future, why should I take all of my money saved for my future and give it all away to them?

Government-mandated things which only protect the person who must follow the rules (such as helmets, mandated self-insurance, etc) is something I just don’t agree with. Once that is instilled, then it is inevitable that the government will start taking away choices of how to follow those rules. And I’d fight against Universal Healthcare with all my will. If I wanted to live in a socialist country, I’d move to one.

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