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MIchael Jackson- The Up to the Minute New Happenings

As much as I wanted to leave the Michael Jackson story alone There is breaking news  and I need to update you on the latest.

From various internet sources-

Rumors abound that Michael had many needle tracks in his arms.

The coroner did say there were drugs in his body, but the final report of what and how much has not been issued.

Michael’s father said on Larry King that he believes there was foul play involved with MJ’s death.

Debbie Roe has decided to fight for custody of two of MJ’s children. Even if they are not biologically hers, they were born during her marriage to Michael and she gave birth to them, giving her some parental rights.

TODAY The Cardiologist, Dr Conrad Murray, (who traveled with MJ and was with him when he died), had his Houston office raided by the DEA and LAPD and Houston Police Officers. A search warrants confirms that the records wanted were anything having to do with MJ. Taken by police was a copy of a hard drive and 21 paper documents

Dr Murray is of primary interest in the case. The charge in the search warrant  is manslaughter. 

And here’ s another new one I certainly can’t confirm. Fox is reporting that Michael’s “other” child is 25 year old Omer Bhatti who was the product of a one night stand. Bhatti is seeking DNA test to confirm this. Omer was in the front row at the funeral sitting next to Janet and Latoya.

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