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Michael Jackson Updates

NL-Personally, I’m sick of MJ stories being played over and over on every channel, but I thought I should give you the quick version of everything going on to keep you up to date. Unless something big happens this will be my last report. If anyone attends the memorial please write me a note about it to post. TY


Memorial will be held in the morning at the Staples Center in downtown LA


Allegedly anesthsia drugs used in hospital operating rooms found in MJ’s home. Diprovan is administered via IV drip for surgery and is usually used in conjunction with oxygen. Oxygen tanks were previously observed being delivered to his home. His nurse says that he wanted it to help him sleep.


Michael’s mother has temporary custody of his children.


Debra Roe told reporters “Don’t F*cking touch me.” When they asked if she was ready to fight for her children or  to take a cash settlement, she replied ” Are you ready to get your butt kicked?”


The family would like to bury Michael at The Neverland Ranch, but California law prohibits it.



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