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Michelle LeBlanc Ousted from FSC?


Looks to me like Michelle was forced out of the FSC. Seems kind of sudden but not a surprise. My favorite search engine next to Boodigo, shows me that Michelle’s Twitter account has already been renamed. This will leave Michelle more time to drink. Below is what they put out. Fingers crossed that Alison can do better running the FSC than she did running Kink. And maybe Michelle can go back on Bartholet’s show.

michelle leblanc

We’ll miss you Michelle

LOS ANGELES — Michelle L. LeBlanc has resigned her position as CEO of the Free Speech Coalition. Effective immediately, Free Speech Coalition Board President Alison Boden will begin acting as the organization’s interim head.

“The past few years have been some of the most challenging in our history, and we are grateful for Michelle’s wisdom, strength, and leadership during her tenure,” says Jeffrey Douglas, FSC Board Chair. “Thanks to the work of Michelle and her team, FSC is a stronger, more efficient organization than it was three years ago. I and the rest of the Board understand her decision and wish her well.”

LeBlanc became Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition in the fall of 2019, and was soon confronted with the COVID pandemic. Under her guidance, FSC and PASS developed industry-specific protocols to keep the industry safe, and serve as a model for other industries faced with the challenge of employee testing. During her time at FSC, LeBlanc also helped guide the industry through the challenge of AB5 and the new Mastercard regulations, and spurred the development of a grievance process for performers and crew. In June 2021, FSC hired federal lobbyists to help confront growing legislative threats in Congress.

“This has been a challenging and rewarding experience,” says LeBlanc. “I’m honored by the welcome I received from all of you and deeply value the knowledge and insight I have gained about sex work and the important fight this industry faces. While it is time for me to move on from FSC, I am confident in the ability of the team, the Board, the businesses, and the workers to continue this fight.”

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