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Mick North Offers Up A Warning About Cameron Minx

We normally stay away from stuff like this, but her reckless behavior will, in our opinion, cause issues within the industry. People need to be aware of who they are having sexual contact with.

Cameron Minx is an active intravenous drug user, heroin is her drug of choice, so of course she has been shooting in Florida. This drug usage puts the well being of the entire talent pool at risk. Remember what happened 6 years ago involving drug usage, also with someone named Cameron.  If I was in the talent pool, Cameron would be at the top of my no list.

Every performer, agency, and company needs to put her on their “no list” immediately.

I’ve been informed Cameron likes to steal things as well, and that her favorite band is Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Who would book someone like this? The unlicensed Florida agents Brian Berke and his buddy Bella Roxx. More on Grandpa Molester and GHBella later.


Mick North

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