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Mika Tan- False Advertising- Not Appearing in Florida

Mika writes on her blog-

I was in San Francisco visiting my family this weekend. My cousin’s friend asked if he could have a photo so he can beat his friend to the punch, as his friend was going to see me in Florida. I said, “Who is going to see me in Florida? When?”

He directed me to “www. thefloatingworld. com” where I found out I was advertised to feature in Florida. 

I had been getting voicemail calls from Dave of Lee Network last couple weeks, trying to pressure me into making an appearance even though I never signed the contract & told them I couldn’t make it back in June. 

I am enrolled in classes, working a day job partime, performing, managing a film studio, and I shooting whenever I get a chance. As financially lucrative feature dancing is, I did make a whole-hearted attempt — unsuccessfully — to rearrange my schedules to accomodate the scheduled appearance.

I wrote to Floating World to have the listing removed.

I wanted to apologize to the fans and friends down in Florida who were anticipating my visit. I doubly apologize to T’s Lounge who really don’t deserve this FUBAR situation. However, I really can’t make it.

*****BLOG UPDATE 10/22/08: I just found out that Dave of Lee Network no longer works there. He was fired or resigned (not sure) back in June*****


Hello, Floating World Staff: 

I just found out this past weekend that it is being advertised that I am supposed to be dancing at T’s Lounge. 

I spoke with Dave at Lee Network in end of May 2008 and said I would love to return to T’s. They faxed me the contract. They called in June to follow up on the contract and I told them at that time that I would not be able to feature, as it now conflicts with my class & work schedules and unless I can do it on a Friday-Sunday stint, I would not able to do it. 

They said they could not do features that short for this club.

I never signed the contract, as I could not go during the dates they required.

I have left a message with Dave of Lee Network this past weekend asking why anyone would advertise without a contract signed.

I am now being called a “flake”, receiving phone calls pressuring and threatening me from many sides (other pornstars like Shy Love) that I will not be able to feature ever again, if I do not make this appearance.

Well, I am neither a flake nor someone who can be pressured into doing something I already said I could not do. Additionally, I would never be disrespectful of the management, staff, and dancers of T’s lounge, as they were all very wonderful the last time I danced there.

I was going to try to make it for the sake of the fans, but I will miss vital assignments. I seriously cannot be there, please stop advertising.

Thanks, Mika

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