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Mike Ramone Reverts To Type reports:

Mike Ramone has always been a big fan of Fem-Domme/male-sub strap-on videos.

“Until the last few years, most Fem-Domme strap-on titles were just horrible,” the Robert Hill Releasing director and former AVN editor-in-chief told “Then, a few years ago, we started seeing a Renaissance in the niche genre with some markedly improved lines that were genuinely really good.”

Still, Ramone said, there’s much room for improvement. “Even the better lines have holes in them, and aren’t shot the way I have always wanted to see a Fem-Domme strap-on title shot,” said Ramone, a hardcore fetishist who comes from a background in the underground L.A. dungeon scene. “In general, they’re too vanilla for my tastes and don’t come close to fully depicting real Fem-Domme/male-sub action, which is way sicker and intense and perverted and kinky and hot than what you see in those movies.”

Conky posts on XPT: “Number one, I’d like to personally thank for using the Lord Master Damien shot to illustrate the story. Second thing, that male cast line up has one obvious name missing [not you, CXXX!].”

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