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Mike South- consultant, rocket scientist and now legal adviser!


Mike South getting his toenails painted by Felicia Fox while he reads an article I wrote in Adult Fun 411 Mag.


Mike South writes in the comment section of LIB-

Mike South Says:
Ok guys the whole Christian thing is funny I like rattling his cage now and again because he is such a fucking idiot.


You and Cindi here should be reminded that Kayden hasn’t been convicted of anything and to publish that she has is actionable in civil court, I’m not saying she is or isn’t going to sue anyone but she has the backing to do so if she pleases (and I mean financial backing) Certain people who have made these statements are probaby going to be made an example of.

It should be noted here that many of the things said about her in the complaint were not true and she has been able to prove that to be the case. We don’t expect anything to come of this at this point, there have been two continuances (not at Kayden’s request) and it’s pretty much a certainty now that the charges are going to be dropped by the end of January at the next hearing. So be careful what you state as fact, and Cindi…You have the most liability and the most to lose here, so ya might want to reign in certain things.

It’s totally fine to say she is ALLEGEDLY a criminal or that she has been charged but to state that she has actually committed a crime that she has not been convicted of is open and shut. Ask Luke Ford or Christy Lake about that one.

(Saturday) Yesterday at 11:46 p


Cindi writes back-


You are now lowering yourself to read the comments section on “lesser sites”?  First-show me anywhere that I said that kayden was convicted of anything. Second- show me where my commenters said that Kayden was convicted of anything, and Third- show me where in the law it says that a blog owner is responsible for what is said by her commenters. Point out any of the above and I will be happy to immediately correct the totally accidental oversights, TY.

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