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Mike South In Bed With AHF and Michael Weinstein ?

As per the norm, blogger Mike South wasted no time in reporting what he thinks is another win for AHF and Cal/OSHA…


In January, Evil Angel owner John Stagliano was handed a huge victory at his company’s Cal/OSHA trial in West Covina, when the agency dropped all counts regarding the lack of condom use and the exchange of “potentially infectious materials” via bodily fluids.

One non-production related count from 2014 remained regarding the warehouse at Evil Angel (an alleged deficiency in EA’s Accident Prevention Program). The decision on that count was issued in March.

But what’s really interesting about South’s post is the link he used for Cal/OSHA. If you click on the link, it goes not to Cal/OSHA, but to AHF’s password-protected site:

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