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Mike South Outing Escorts – Again

With a dwindling readership and total lack of legit sources.. Mike South has resorted to doing what Mike South does best. Attacking and outing sex workers..


Mike “Not interested in outing anyone” South put the pictures of over 200 alleged escorts on his site..Of course he wants to you click it, don’t give him the satisfaction.

Mike South, the guy who books escorts for his low end bukkake scenes then charges johns 100 bucks to cum on their face.. Mike South, the guy who strolls escorts forums, talking about picking up hookers and warning others when the cops are around..

Yea, THAT Mike South

Below Is A Post We Did Over A Year Ago. For those of you on mobile, click here as all the images wont show here

Mike South: Cruising For Streetwalkers and Soliciting Hobbyists For Bukkake

A stunning series of posts on an Atlanta, Georgia escort board from 2002 to 2013 underscores the hypocrisy and disingenuousness of the guy who screams that Los Angeles’ talent pool has too many escorts for him to want to work with them

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