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Mike South Suspected of Embezzling Strip Club Profits

Lacking in managerial skills, and displaying no discernible interest in customer service, Mike South was despised by dancers, staff and customers alike. But it wasn’t until South was kicked to the curb that the club’s owner began to understand why the Flamingo’s profits had dwindled.

In the summer of 2011, Mike South’s fortunes were in the toilet. The tiny 2-bedroom townhouse he shared with his mother, had already lost half of its appraised value, and would soon half again.


Taking bows for other people’s work on bringing down PornWikiLeaks wasn’t enough to pay the bills. He needed a paying gig, and fast.

Flamingo sign Dayton, Ohio’s Flamingo Show Club sat 500 miles to the north, just off the I-75. South knew the place because his friend Tim Case and his wife, ex-performer Felicia Fox, worked there.


South learned that the owner was looking for a new club manager, and would be willing to sell under the right circumstances. South had no money, but he and another fellow named Mike put together a deal with the owner under which South would assume the role of General Manager, as of August 5, 2011.



South drove up to Dayton, and moved into an apartment paid for by the club. He brought with him a young blonde woman who did makeup. South had promised her she’d be making great money working as a waitress at the club, which he promised was going to do fantastic business once he used all his connections. She bit, and moved in with South.

It was not long before reality began to set in, however.

“He had no management skills, and his customer service skills were even worse,” the manager who succeeded South told TRPWL.

One of the dancers at the Flamingo said South “never connected with anyone, even people who tried to be friendly with him or to help break the ice. He just didn’t have the personality for it, I guess.”


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