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Mike South’s Public Service

He posts on Craigs List:

I see listings here on with red flags all over them so I am going to do y’all a little public service.

My name is Mike South and I have been in the adult business here in Atlanta for over 15 years.

Here’s some rules to keep yourself from getting ripped off, hurt or scammed.

1. Nobody legit has any kind of “audition”. EVER.

2. Nobody legit does any kind of percentage deal or pays anything other than cash. (Many Companies In Porn valley Pay by check, but I shouldn’t have to tell you that a check from the real Vivid is legit)

3. Vivid, Wicked, Hustler, Digital Playground etc DO NOT have offices here or anywhere but Los Angeles, CA.

4. If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS. Nobody legit pays more than about 750.00 for a single boy girl scene or 300-400 for a girl girl scene.(rates in porn valley will likely be higher, but not more than double at most)

5. Nobody legit will have a problem with you bringing someone to the set with you. Whomever you bring is, however, expected to behave appropriately.

6. Legitimate shooters do NOT post anonymously. They have real email addresses, not yahoo or gmail.

Several girls looking to get into this business have recently been harmed or murdered. every single time greed overcame her common sense, don’t let that happen to you.

If you are height weight proportioned and looking to get into adult feel free to contact me directly. 

Ok so you think you may have a legit offer, here are the questions you want to ask:

1. What company/website will these photos/video be used on?

2. ask for 3 references in the adult industry and check them.

3. know exactly what is expected of you up front and exactly what you will be paid, be specific also in what you will NOT do. Always do this UP FRONT

Finally if you are unsure about someone please email me at [email protected] with this information and I will help you out…no charge. I am simply sick of the dirtbags in this area who are giving MY legitimate business a bad name with unfair and dishonest practices.

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