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Miss USA Rima Fakih & More Beauty Pageant Bad Girls

Miss USA seems to be the launch pad for bad girls with DUIs and drug problems. The latest Miss USA to get busted is Michigan’s own Rima Fakih who was charged with a DUI on Friday in Detroit. Fakih released a statement that she is ‘very saddened and apologetic for the situation she is in right now’. Since we are on the topic of Pageant bad girls we thought this was the perfect opportunity to create…


Miss USA contestant Katie Rees
Guilty of… racy pictures! (Woohoo!)

Miss USA Rima Fakih
Guilty of… a DUI and slutty stripper pole contest pictures!

Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean
Guilty of… being and ignorant homophobic and incredibly stupid!

Miss USA Tara Conner
Guilty of… underage drinking, cocaine, heroin and crystal meth use!

Miss Teen (19 to be exact) USA Stormi Henley
Guily of… racy pictures once again… and having a pornstar-sounding name.


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