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Missing your dose of Sophia? #2

 10.31.08 Sophia Writes me-

I ment “only some people” not a view. Im tired and did that quickly because I had to go to work. Because I have somthing a lot of your posters don’t “a life”  I dont have a problem with you but really. I want to know “what the fuck have I ever done to big dick dady or the colonel?” Those assholes hate women. And are just ussing me as their way to vent against what they hate. “Women!”

I have nothing to say to any dickhead who posts on your site. Except  “leave me alone” and stop taking your hate for women out on me. Im not the mother who beat you. The wife who cheated on you and left. Im not the woman who dist you or who wouldnt date you.

My problem with Jeremy were private. And I am responsible and at fault for getting involved with jeremy and moving in with jeremy. So to that extent im wrong. But as for all the insults and b.s. It’s really not needed. If that’s the way you people want to live your life’s. Then go for it. I have more important things to do with my life.

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