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Missing your dose of Sophia? Here’s her newest e-mails to me #1

NL-Sophia asked that I leave her alone. So I stopped writing about her. I didn’t write TO her. She e-mailed me, I didn’t answer her. She e-mailed me again. I didn’t answer her again. I’m leaving her alone, right? She e-mailed me again. Obviously she doesn’t want to be left alone and misses the attention we were giving her, so, here are a few of her latest gems, I put in some spaces so you don’t get a headache reading them.

Sophia e-mails me on 10.31.08

BIG DICK READERS-What the fuck is wrong with the asshole readers on your site? These people call themselves readers and human.

BIG DICKHEAD DADDY!!! Obviously doesn’t know me. And you can personally tell him, I told him to FUCK-OFF!!!!! I have never been anything but good in every scene I have done. I have never met the MOTHER-FUCKER!!!!! I don’t know who the piece of shit is? So tell the cock sucker I told him to suck-a-dick!!!

As for insane I’m not the one dissing every one alive because I’m a weak piece of shit who has to post behind a fake name to make a point or to get the attention in the real world.

But trying to ruin my reputation in porn is something only a real DICK HEAD, who also happens to be a weak peace of shit would do. Jeremy Steel, Jed, Big Dick Daddy and a view others are the bottom feeders of society and no one should ever have the bad luck of meeting them.


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