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Mistress Eva Praises the Pleasures of Patience on Latest Is Our Love ____? Podcast

mistress eva

(BALI / August 11, 2020) — Eva Oh, aka Mistress Eva, opens up to podcast hosts Lola Jean & Stephen Penta, the Reluctant Sexpert as a special guest on the duo’s latest Is Our Love ____? Podcast episode, ‘Is Our Love Patient?’

The world-renowned lifestyle domme delves into the particulars of her fascinating career: how she got started, the role(s) she plays in her clients’ lives and how these professional relationships intricately overlap with her personal life.

“Everybody is actually very similar – they want that safe space, they want that vulnerability, that kick – everybody is the same everywhere for those specific things,” Eva says during the 75-minute conversation, noting that her patience with people comes from “that grounded space of contentedness… you’re able to be more patient and wait to see the possibilities of things that might present themselves.”

Of her professional life, Eva reveals that working as a dominatrix perfectly suits her nature. “When I’m in my domme space I get to be entirely myself… when I’m not, I’m constantly making sure I’m socially acceptable!”

Eva added that in her daily life, “I like things to feel harmonious – I realize that chaos is the nature of our world, and what I’m aiming for is completely unachievable in the long-term, but it’s still nice in the meantime to feel this harmoniousness of the things that I’ve created. It’s just a satisfying thing on a personality level.”

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