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Misty Stone- Exclusive Interview- part 1

Everyone has heard of Misty Stone by now. She made her big splash in Not the Cosby Show XXX playing Denise.  Since that movie came out, she has every company calling to cast her, in porn and in soft-core cable shows. The reason? She’s beautiful, bubbly, all natural AND she can act! Misty is up for some big time awards. As we do this interview, Misty is on her way to the adult convention in Vegas. Keep your fingers crossed, we won’t know if she won until after this goes to press. Either way, it’s an honor to be nominated, right?

Interview By Cindi Loftus [email protected]
Photos Courtesy Hustler & X-Play
©2010 Xcitement Magazine

Adult Fun: I’m glad you emptied your messages on your phone. It was hard to get a hold of you for a while. I know how popular you are, seeing that you are nominated for every major award possible. Everyone wants to talk to you!
Misty: I love that. I am so excited! This is the best year. I’m not following everybody else wondering where I’m going to sign for AVN. I don’t have to say hey how are you doing at your booth. I’ve got my own booth!
AF: Isn’t that cool?
M: I like it. I am super excited. I can’t even believe it. The one thing that I want the most is to win Female Performer of the Year. You can’t even imagine how bad I want it.
AF: I bet you do. And you deserve it.
M: Just like a little kid who wants that brand new red bike for Christmas. It’s Christmas for me right now.
AF: It is fabulous. How many award nominations do you have?
I have four. Performer of the Year, Best Supporting Actress in Flight Attendants, Best All Girl Couple & Best Oral.
AF: What did you get for Cosby’s?
M: I think that counts toward Performer of the year. But I think Flight Attendants is part of that as well.
AF: So they both have to be great because you are in both of them. But I am surprised you didn’t get a nom for your role as Denise.
M: Yeah. They are both really good movies. I just thought I did a much better performance in Cosby’s, oh my goodness.
AF: I don’t know which was actually better, but I had never seen you really act before, until the Cosby’s so it just blew me away when I watched you in that movie. And of course your sex scenes were hot as always.
M: Oh, thank you.
AF: So by the time I watched Flight Attendants I already knew you could act, and you did really well in that too.
M: But it wasn’t like I was a virgin to you anymore. (Laughs)  I also did True Blood and got to do drama in that also. I got to cry. I played Tara. I got the braids in my hair. I always change my hair to really get into the character. I had a tear coming out of my eyes. We’ll see if they actually use that in the movie.
AF: You were in Crock of Love too.
M: Oh yeah. That was just super fun. That was one of the funnest movies I did. There was a little bit of improv there.
AF: How did you like doing that?
M: That was fun. It was a whole bunch of girls, we were just having a whole bunch of fun. People were getting eliminated and acting a fool. Acting like the real show. You just mimic what you see on the show and it was pretty fucking funny. It came out good.
AF: That’s the thing when you are doing improv, you never know how it is going to come out. That’s kind of scary.
M: Oh. Another one that I did improv in was the ApprentASS.
AF: I didn’t see that.
M: I didn’t think that that was going to come out good at all and it came out very good and I had never done improv in my life ever. That was the first time I ever did improv was in that movie right there.
AF: So that was when you figured out you could act. Have you taken any acting lessons?
M: No, but I think if I do I might be really fucking good! (Laughs) So I think I might look into that very, very soon.
AF: You should for certain, because if you can already naturally act all they are going to do is hone the talent that you already have. You can only get better.
M: That’s true. Thank you, that’s very good advice.
AF: And I don’t know if you know Savanna Samson, She’s a Vivid girl?
M: Oh yeah. I have met her a few times.
AF: She is a fabulous actress and she has been taken acting lessons for years. She would be a good one to get advice from on that. Did you ever have an acting coach on set?
M: No. I don’t know if you heard but I ended up landing an HBO series, Co-Ed Confidential. The one that Michele Maylene is on?
AF: Yes. I want to hear more about that. You had a re-occurring role for the whole season. How many episodes did you do?
M: Oh boy, thirteen. I also had to take some dance classes for the tango. Me and Seth Gamble, he’s so fucking cute, had to perform the tango. Two porn stars trying to perform the tango on HBO, it was so hot. It was super hot. We did so good. We practiced our asses off.
AF: Isn’t Co-Ed Confidential sort of like a college soap opera story line?
M: Yeah.
AF: I haven’t ever seen it, but I looked it up on line and it is really popular.
M: It is popular I have heard. Just regular civilians on the street say oh yeah you are in Co-Ed that soft core stuff. I’m like oh my goodness, they know about that show. That’s very cool. That makes me feel good. Dude I want to be on TV every week!
AF: And you have a great audience for Co-Ed’s, it’s the 18-25 market which is a great crowd to become fans of yours for the next ten years and want to watch everything you do. I’m really proud of you, you really took this year by storm.
M: Yes, sometimes it’s overwhelming and I over book myself or I have a little nervous breakdown, but I just pick myself back up and do it again. I love it. I enjoy being in front of the camera. I love the attention. I like being Misty.
AF: Do you get recognized a lot when you are just out in public normal?
M: When I have my curly hair I do. I can change my hair and look totally different. But when my hair is all curly then people recognize me. But when I do my incognito thing, it works!
AF: I love your curly hair.
M: Thank you. Everybody loves it.
AF: That’s my favorite look for you because you just look so gorgeous. And it’s so appropriate that you played Denise on the Cosby’s because I remember watching the show when I was young and I had such a crush on her. I wished I looked like her because she was so beautiful. I bet you had to watch the show in re-runs because you are too young to have even seen it.
M: I know. I was so excited. I got to play Lisa Bonet. I got to play Lisa Turtle too for Saved by the Bell that was cool too.
AF: There were adorable cast members in the original Saved by the Bell and in the parody also, but again you were the hottest character. I think Cosby’s was your stepping stone up. I think that you really shined in that role. Good casting by Will Ryder. I was really happy when he decided to do the Cosby’s but it was a risky move because you don’t know if it is going to be a huge parody seller if it is a black movie. No one knows, because it is the first of it’s kind. But he was right on the money. It is a huge seller. And that movie made a lot of people who saw you go WOW.
M: That was the first time I ever really acted.
AF: Well it showed your acting ability, your sex appeal, and your beauty, because you are very jerk-off-able.
M: Ahhh, (Laughs) Thank you. I like that!  Will Ryder is fantastic. I want to give a super shout out to that man. Without him I wouldn’t be were I am today. I mean I would still do very good work, but it’s also all about marketing yourself and getting out there.
AF: It’s a combination of marketing, luck, talent and looks, I think. If you were ugly you wouldn’t be where you are either! (Laughs)
M: (Laughs) Yes, that is true. Do you know this is the first time I have ever been nominated and I get to be nominated for Female Performer of the Year. That’s pretty fucking cool.
AF: Yeah it is! I was talking about you on Twitter. By the way, you have to get some computer skills going on here.
M: Yeah I do.
AF: You don’t do twitter. You don’t do e-mail.
M: I love text messaging though. You can always get me on a text.
AF: That’s what Will said. But I don’t text. I have a cell phone and it’s to call people when I am not at home and that’s it.
M: You don’t know how to operate anything on it but to dial the number.
AF: Exactly. I had internet on it for a while just so I could read my own sites, but I shut it off because it was too expensive. But between the two of us, you are hard to reach sometimes.
M: Yeah I am. I am a hot mess. I just so overwork myself. If this was a regular job I would be working sixteen hour shifts.
AF: If you had a regular job you would actually be working two full time jobs.
M: I am always busy doing something. 

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