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Misty Stone- Exclusive Interview part 2

You can read part one here

Misty: Wanna know what I am doing now? I am driving to Palm Springs to go see a friend of mine, and then tomorrow I am flying out to Nebraska to see my family.
AF: Nebraska? It’s going to be freaking cold!
M: I know but I love it. I live in LA so I like to go see snow once a year. And my family is so family oriented, we have the big meals and we go out to church and the all you can eat buffet, and all that good stuff. You don’t get that here in Hollywood. We get McDonalds and maybe a little pizza on set. And I’m not a good cook so I don’t get all that when I am here.
AF: What does your family think of your job?
M: My Mom is fantastic. She is very supportive. She doesn’t look down upon it, as far as the whole porn thing. I’m not doing booty poppin’ movies, not on Craig’s List, not doing ignorant stuff. I’m kind of movie starring it out right now.
AF: You are.
M: I am on HBO, Cinemax. Hey is that girl on Playboy? My mom thinks it will help me transition into mainstream. She feels like they are just going to accept me and she believes in me so much. Everybody is great in my family. Maybe the rest of my family might snicker behind my back, but they never say anything to my face. I am an Aries. I am very aggressive, be careful!
AF: Did anyone in your family see you in the Cosby’s and admit it?
M: I’m sure my older sister did, because they are always nosing around in my stuff. Probably my cousins and shit, I don’t know. They told on me, my uncles and cousins told on me, that I was on the internet. I had already told my Mom, but nobody else knew. Me and my Mom were keeping it a secret. Shhh.
AF: You knew your secret wasn’t going to last when you are on all these boxcovers and they are talking about your porn movies on Entertainment Tonight & TMZ. Also when I was on Twitter, Rocco Reed told me that he was going to be doing a scene with you today and he was very happy about it. He said you were his Christmas present.
M: We were supposed to, but my scene was much later in the day and something happened earlier and Rocco left. And everybody keeps telling me he was excited to be working with me. I like that. I’m sorry it didn’t happen today. Rocco baby! So we didn’t get a chance to fuck around. So I did my scene with TJ and he has a super strong dick because he fucked me and another girl today and did fantastic in both scenes, so two thumbs up to him. And Rocco I look forward to fucking you in the future!
AF: I think any girl would look forward to fucking Rocco in the future but maybe I am prejudice because he is one of my favorites.
M: I am excited that he is stoked about fucking me, damn it!
AF: And he is so charming, have you met him yet?
M: I have not.
AF: He will sweep you right off your feet. He is so good looking with these huge brown eyes. I wanna do him.
M: You say you wanna do him, you naughty girl!
AF: A lot of people said really nice stuff about you when I was on Twitter mentioning that I was going to be interviewing you. Do you know Amber Rayne?
M: Oh I love her.
AF: She said about you- “Her soft sultry voice purrs in your ear while she works your body over”.
M: OHHHHHH. Damn it Amber, I like you baby, saying sweet nothings about me. Oh, she makes me so happy! The only thing I have a problem with in my job is being on time. As far as a performer and my personality, it’s really good. But just getting there for some odd reason, I have this serious OCD thing. I want to make up my bed, clean my shower, make sure my car windows are clean, then I can go to work. It doesn’t make any sense, huh?
AF: There is a real easy answer for that, you just need a male slave that takes care of all those things for you for free.
M: Yeah. I like that.
AF: I hear you are nasty. I didn’t know this stuff about you. One of the fans on twitter says you are into CBT and I’m like what is that? And he says uhm, ask somebody else. So I look it up and it stands for Cock & Balls torture.
M: Oh yeah.
AF: Misty what’s up with that?
M: I have a webmaster that helps me out with things, so I do the fetish stuff for the site. At first I thought it was weird, but as I did it and got into it, it was fun!
AF: Can you explain to me what it is exactly?
M: You don’t know what it is?
AF: Well I can sort of figure out the general idea of it from the name, but I don’t know what it entails.
M: It’s torture to the balls, torture to the cock. Total torture. Socking, hitting, kicking, slapping and a lot of men who enjoy this can actually cum very, very hard from having it done.
AF: It must be great to take out your aggressions and aggravations by whipping the shit out of them.
M: Oh my goodness I am so stressed out I want to scream then I just go do one of those scenes damn it. It works!
AF: And then you do foot fetish too?
M: It’s weird. I don’t care for feet. I will get so upset if somebody puts their feet on me while we are in bed. Oh my God, do not put your feet on me while we are in bed, that is so nasty. But I think it is kind of hot when you put feet on cock.  It’s hot and nasty and slippery and slimy.
AF: Do you always do the fetish stuff to the men? Or do they do some of it to you?
M: I’ve been tied up before where we had a little tickling session.
AF: So they tied you up and tickled you?
M: Yeah, it was fun. It was so much fun. Then they got the Hitachi out and it was the first time I ever squirted. I came so hard. I took the blindfold off and looked down and was like, I did all that? It was really cool. So I am now a squirter. I don’t know how to do it on cue though. But I am going to teach myself one day. I can do it with toys. But there are some girls that can do it on cue.
AF: There are. Practice makes perfect.
M: Okay?
AF: I’ll call you up and you’ll say call me back later I’m practicing my squirting.
M: That is too funny. (Laughs) I am so excited that I got a chance to sit down and talk to you because if I would have missed this I would have been devastated.
AF: I’m so glad too! Do you know Sophie Dee?
M: I do. I don’t know her personally.
AF: She says that she loves your hair and that you are definitely going to be going mainstream.
M: Oh, tell her I said thank you. I already see her and she’s so sweet and cute and I say hi and give her hugs and kisses, but I’ve never gotten a chance to really hang out with her.
AF: Look at all these people that you don’t even know that well are all loving you!
M: That’s so nice. That makes me feel good. I’m lucky to be me. I love everybody for loving me!
AF: What did you think of Thomas Ward playing Bill Cosby?
M: He had me dying laughing all through the entire movie. He was so funny and good. His voice was on cue. His looks and the way he did his eyes, he was hilarious and he’s a great actor. He was perfect for that part.
AF:  He was for sure. Who is your favorite male actor to work with?
M: Voodoo.
AF: You have excellent taste!
M: He’s so handsome. He is magnificent. Yum. Yum. Evan Stone is passionate and a little rough at the same time, I like that too.
AF: He is funny as hell too.
M: Oh, his personality is perfect. I have a new favorite girl. I just found out. Emy Reyes. I just a couple days ago did a scene with her and it was super hot. I have never had chemistry with a woman like that before in my life. That scene was extremely hot. Lots of eye contact. Lots of passionate kissing. It was a boy/girl/girl scene, so there was some cock. It was Mark Ashley and he handled it because we were two pretty hot aggressive bitches. He did very well. It came out to be a damn good scene.
AF: Is there a plot to the scene?
M: Yes I am a present, a chocolate treat for her husband for his birthday. She has a chocolate cake and me.
AF: Do you watch your own movies?
M: I do that’s how I critique myself and make myself better.
AF: So tell me seriously how do you look with a big fat dick in your mouth?
M: I look good! I took a boxcover, just me with a cock in my mouth, a big closeup picture with my face and a cock.
AF: Were you happy with the boxcover?
M: It was gorgeous. It’s called Black Love.
AF: Do you have a message to your fans?
M: They will never, ever get tired of me. I will always keep them watching. So come and see me!

You can read the whole interview and see naked pictures here

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