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MixedX Explores a “Forbidden Obsession” in Director Christina Shine’s Newest Erotic Drama @MIXEDX_COM @ChristinaShine_ @zsoltabrahamDOP

Christina Shine

The latest MixedX film from director Christina Shine, “Forbidden Obsession”, sneaks a peek into an illicit world of opportunity where unbridled ambition gives way to carnal temptation – coming October 27 to and

Shine stars as a highly successful and affluent woman who has adopted a spirited young woman named Lia Lin – a symbiotic relationship that offers the young woman a life of unimaginable luxury. But when Ms. Shine sets her sights on bringing home a gorgeous girl from Colombia (Linda Baker), the tranquility they once enjoyed swiftly unravels with this unexpected turn of events.

“Exploring the intricate web of emotions within this film has been a truly fascinating journey, and ‘Forbidden Obsession’ does a fine job of digging deep into the realms of jealousy, resentment and mistrust, shining a stark light on the dark corners of human nature,” said Shine.

“As a director, I want to capture the raw, unsettling authenticity of these emotions, and Lia and Linda do an absolutely amazing job of bringing these complex emotions to life with such intensity and passion.”

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