Mixing Business With Pleasure

Having an office romance (or fuck buddy) isn’t as easy as porn makes it look. It requires a balance of work and play with a tactful strategy for not getting caught. Personally, I’ve never done this but my friend is pro at it. Here are some tips and techniques to help keep your office scandal hush-hush brought to you by the sexy ladies of My MILF Boss

Don’t go running your mouth that you’re screwing the boss to anyone. People talk and soon rumors will slip that will get you both in trouble. Sure, it’s great to have a little fun in the photocopying room but have a watchful eye, you never know who could be looking. Make rules or a code to use, like a “coffee run” could mean meet me outside in ten or no flirting in group meetings. Write down these rules and keep the copy off the work site.  Just keep what happens in the bedroom (office or boardroom) between the two of you.

Refuse Perks

Sure it’s great to receive gift when in a relationship but not a secret one. Nothing screams office slut like going to sexy lunches or trips on the company card, especially if it’s not a common occurrence for someone in your position.  When at business lunch or meetings, no one will notice if you act normally. Be your usual work self and stick to regular work schedules.

Work Balance

The sooner you separate your work self and your lustful self, the better you’ll be. Keep it professional, your path cross during a work day and no one is around go for it, but never go out of your way to sneak a kiss. Nosey coworkers will notice something is up and the gossip will begin flowing. A nooner is still exciting at a nearby hotel, maybe even more exciting.  This way you can be as passionate as you want without work interruptions. Don’t use the company chat programs or social media to converse, you have smartphones for a reason. Just remember it use it sparingly when at work.

Keep It Classy

By that I mean you’re a professional, you need to look and act like it. Nothing says midday romp like coming back from lunch smelling like a coworker. Or worse, smelling of hot passionate sex.  Always have extra clothes in a desk drawer or in the car. Ladies, keep toiletries handy, have a hairbrush, makeup, makeup remover, and other things in your bag. As much as you love the smell of her perfume or his cologne, it’s better to go without until you’re past the blazing passion stage of your relationship.

Office romances are a lot of work, you should take into account all the variables before you get into one.  Who knows if you decide to get serious, fill in HR about the relationship just remember you are at work.

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