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Miyah West Exclusive Interview

Interview By Scooter McBooter


Miyah West is one of the latest editions to the prominent stable of talented beauties at LA Direct Models. The 34C-24-38 California girl is of Scandinavian/Peruvian descent, and has made a big name for herself as both a cam model and a budding movie star.
Where are you from? And Where are you living now?
I’m a California girl born and raised. I travel so much that home has become wherever I lay my head. Honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.
How did you get into adult work?
I started out stripping with a California based dance company. I traveled around putting on nude acrobatic dance shows. My shows in particular were very athletic and technical. I always made sure I had enough technical moves that could last me hours so I didn’t have to grind on laps. Grinding was never my style. Dancing led to my curiosity of nude modeling and I ended up modeling and dancing at the same time. When I realized how comfortable I was being nude in front of the camera I sought out web-cam modeling. I have been cam modeling off and on for the last four years and whenever I’m not on the road I try to cam. My viewers are hilarious and I love chatting with everyone. Beyond chatting I also love playing all the roles and catering to all the fetishes that come my way. It was cam modeling that led me to get hired on to LA Direct Models. I’m currently waiting for bookings.
Do you have a significant other? Are they in adult work?
I’ve been in a committed relationship for close to two years. He was in the industry for several years before I met him and when we met I knew he was a porn star and he knew I was a nude model … funny how word gets around. I approached him to ask if he would consider being the male talent for the videos I am working on and that was the moment we became inseparable. He has gone by a few names on set, but the one I think is the sexiest is Ciroc. In fact, I requested that he use that model name for my website.
What are your roles right now?

LOL … Well, I have several roles at this point in my life. Nude modeling has been in my life for the past 10 years and I hope another 10 years will do me good. I cam on MyFreeCams when I get the chance and I actually start to miss talking to my regulars. Everyone is so sweet and funny how could I not miss hanging out on cam? What’s consuming most of my time these days is that I’m in the process of building my own website. I was getting such great results from selling my own homemade POV videos that I decided to kick it up a notch and go professional. This is my baby meaning I have creative control with everything that’s produced. I have become the CEO of my own corporation and I am also the writer and director. Not only am I acting in every video, but I have a huge influence in the editing process. So the list goes: CEO, Writer, Director, Model, Actress, and Investor.
You do have one clip on Pornhub doing intercourse including anal. Tell me how that came to be.
My motto has always been work smart not hard. So when I first starting cam modeling I made eight homemade videos, three of which are boy/girl and five are sexy solos. Whenever I was on cam I would sell my videos to my viewers. One of the three boy/girls is a POV girlfriend experience anal video. This video became my most sold and soon I was making good money per hour by just selling my videos. This allowed me to spend more time chatting with my viewers and less time in private. One of my viewers purchased and uploaded my video to Pornhub and other sites like it. They’ve since been removed with cease and desist letters. I was pissed, but then again the video had nearly 800,000 views in just a few months! That’s when I created my own Pornhub video profile and uploaded my anal vid with my name attached to it. I did this because I wanted people to know it was me. So now when it’s viewed people won’t be asking “Who is this chick?” and “Where do I find her?”
Do you enjoy anal and do you do it in your personal life or just on film?
I have done anal in my long-term relationships. I definitely don’t just give it up all the time. I only made the one anal video because I knew what potency it would have and it would be a good business decision on my part. I have been asked if I’ll ever make another anal video and my answer is yes, but you’ll have to watch it on my site.
Do you have a particular thing that you do enjoy doing?
The thing I enjoy doing the most is giving head. I was nicknamed ‘Angel Head’ by an ex-long-term relationship. I enjoy giving head because of the reaction I get wrapping my lips around a dick. I can give head for hours LOL. I’m one of those girlfriends that will literally go down on you anywhere at any time.
Are there things you won’t do?
Well that depends on whether we are talking about my career or my personal life. In my personal life I do whatever my partner asks. I’m not a submissive, I just like to please. I do have a ‘No’ list for the adult industry. I’m sure it’s longer than most. I’m just really picky about how I am portrayed on film and don’t want to do anything that will put me in the ‘cum guzzling whore category.’ I do plan on the videos I release on my site meeting the hardcore elements, just not every single one. I’m bringing the naughtiness Miyah-style!
Do you do girl/girl?

I love girl/girl. Well, I love being the girl on the other girl LOL. I have always fancied women over men, but they are hell to date. I find men easier to get along with or be in a relationship with. I don’t consider myself a label like bi or straight. It’s not like I feel one way or the other or that it’s a regular thought of mine. I just do what pleases me.
Have you held back from mainstream porn for any particular reason?

I remember when I first started nude modeling, I had no creative say. I would show up as a blank canvas for these photographers and when hair and makeup and wardrobe were finished I hated looking in the mirror. The majority of the time I didn’t like the hair or makeup or wardrobe they had me in. I remember thinking that one day it would be my call, as in, what the set design was and how I would look. It’s the same fear that has kept me out of mainstream so far – the fear of no creative control.
Talk about how fans can reach out to you?

Here are the various ways for fans to reach out to me:
    •    Twitter: @Miyah_West
    •    Skype: miyah.west (you can email me to ask my availability for privates on Skype)
    •    Pornhub: for my POV girlfriend anal video
    •    Xvideos: for my teaser clips and sexy videos
    •    Fans can feel free to email me at [email protected] to purchase any of my homemade videos. I usually have a deal for all eight as a package
    •    Fans can also email me to request a personalized video. Pricing will vary based on length and what you’re requesting (no anal).
    •    Fans can find me on I use Twitter to announce when I will be logging on cam.
    •    Fans can look forward to viewing my never-seen-before solos, girl/girl, and boy/girl videos as well as my nude photo shoots on my very own website that is coming soon –

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