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Molly Bennett, First Look & a Twinterview!


This story is also for Xcitement’s next issue. Jesse Jane is on the cover. As you can see I am on a killer deadline, so if you see something I should be posting on LIB, pls tweet or email me. Thanks guys.

Photography by Rick Garcia of IndustrybyRick

I tried something new, an interview via Twitter. Besides Molly & I talking, other people jumped in.  It was fun and worked quite well. Enjoy my chat with this new 18 year old porn performer Molly Bennett. I have a feeling she’s gonna be BIG!

Cindi: i m doing a Twinterview with the mezmorizing @mollybennettxxx, feel free to eavesdrop :)”

Jon: Eavesdropping is better than lurking or skulking

Cindi: i hadn’t heard of u until @industrybyrick sent me ur pics, and when i put ur name out, u got LOTS of compliments!

Molly: That’s great. Thank you.

Cindi: What are you talking about right now on ur twitter account?

Molly: This song, I Love College by Asher Roth,  has been stuck in my head for the past 2 days… And I hate college. Fml.

Cindi: So since u hate that college song, lol but its stuck in ur head, makes me want to ask, … do u want to go to college?

Molly: not unless I have to. I’m more of the “I learn as I do” type instead of the “study, memorize, and test” sort of person.

Cindi: songs that stick in my head are by Adele from her 21 album, have u heard those? Kinda angry chick music

Molly: My Mom loves Adele :p

Cindi: OMG that is so funny, cuz i am probably as old as ur mom. TY for reminding me, lol. U r a baby, did u graduate from high school?

Molly: yeah I graduated June 2011

Cindi: what were u like in high school?

Molly: I was really quiet & shy. I kept to myself and hung out with band geeks. I was on the flag team that performs field shows w/ band I performed with a six foot flag.

Cindi: “six foot flag” lol, boy can we do porn references with that huh?

Molly: yup I spent my high school years spinning a six foot pole with silk attached. Go figure! Haha I was head captain jr & senr yr to

Cindi: so how did u go from performing with a 6 ft flag in HS to porn?

Molly: I was offered a lot of money for nude modeling by a previous “agent” the whole time he was planning on booking me porn shoots..

Cindi: What was ur first porn shoot? and ow did u like it?

Molly: my 1st scene ever was a BJ w/ ray at Amateur Allure it went well because he made it a really safe and comfortable environment(:

Cindi: i heard from 3 movie companies, and a HUGE star (stormy daniels) that u were wonderful! THAT is major my dear

Molly: Haha I’m trying my best to make good impressions. I’m pretty sure it’s because I don’t act fake(:

Porno Dan: Our 18-year-old buddy @mollybennettxxx is already on two of our box covers and I plan on putting her on many more

Molly: *happy dance*

Cindi: u have a really cute little body, tell me what u think of boob jobs, is one in ur future?

Molly: I love my boobs the way they are. If it’s not needed I probably won’t get a boob job.

Cindi: tell me the secret to giving an amazing blow job…”

Molly: A LOT of saliva. My blow jobs are sloppy and loud. Lol

Keiran Lee: @mollybennettxxx she’s a pleasure…I actually shot her with mr stormy….me and @StormyDaniels listened in other room
Molly: hahah! oh god… I hope I wasn’t to loud, did your neighbors complain?

Cindi: tell me ur biggest fantasy about bein a porn star”

Molly: I have unrealistic expectations of becoming a huge name aha

Cindi: I’d say, as a 20 yr writer in this biz, that u saying “unrealistic expectations” is wrong. with what has happened so far major players like @KeiranLee @stormydaniels @pornodan shooting & complimenting u already, Thats HUGE!

Molly: I can’t believe it either >_< haha go big or go home, right? so I’m in it to win it :)))

Cindi: You are going to go far Molly. Thanks for chatting!

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