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Money For Nic Cramer

NL- This looks real to me. (But what do I know, lol) If someone knows where Nic is, email me his addy or phone  and I will pass it on to this guy.

To Whom It May Concern,

 I am writing from the Writers Guild of America in Los Angeles.  The WGA currently has in its possession $3417.59 in foreign levy payments due to Nic Cramer for his work as a credited writer on several adult film titles.  Foreign levies are monies received by the WGA on behalf of writers regardless of their union status or the signatory status of the project they worked on.  As a result we receive lots of non-covered material such as animation, reality programming and adult films.  I have had no success tracking down Nic Cramer as I suspect the name is a pseudonym.  Any assistance you can provide in getting contact information or forwarding my message to him would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

  Edgar Landa

Writers Guild of America

(NL-I have contact info, but am not posting it)

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