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Monica Interviews Tucker Slain about Daisy Dare & Much more…


Monica interviewed Tucker Slain about Daisy Dare. You can watch the whole thing here

The video starts with what appears to be Daisy having sex with Tucker and a black man identified as Kenny. Tucker asks Daisy if there is something inside her.

Tucker put in $50 toward Daisy’s plane ticket and planned to get his investment back by camming with her.

Tucker made a list of names who had issues with him and he wanted to address them. Here are a few of them and his issues with them. These are his thoughts and opinions, not mine

Chad Diamond- stayed at my house and paid nothing for two months. Tucker got Chad a job. They were supposed to fight each other and then have sex with girls. Chad got Tucker cut out of the job. Tucker goes on to mention Chad’s wood issues, drugs, twitter wars…

Alana Evans (& her husband Chris)- Used to be friends of mine, but then started saying mean things to me on twitter.

Beverly Page- stayed with me when she had no money. I gave her money and she was so grateful. Then she wrote a blog downing me. I have nothing against her, but  I have a problem with her tweeting things like Attention Girls, if you have been taken advantage by Tucker, Marc….

Scarlett Fey- said i was unprofessional because I am a huggy sort of person and she never told me it bothered her.

There are three hater profiles on Twitter, xxx_VIP, roofieslain  MissKissyFace that say things like I take advantage of women.  I have never taken advantage of women in any way, shape or form. I have never forced a woman to do anything ever.

Christian- Met the guy only three or four times. He suggested that I brought Hunter Bryce drugs and that I had a hand in her death. She was a good friend of mine and that really hurts me.  I am anti-drug. I don’t do any drugs. I don’t even smoke.

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