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Monica Mayhem is Aggravated!

From her myspace blog

photo by jay Allan

Gettin in the biz
Current mood:  aggravated

ok, so its annoying enough that every other day I get an email about ‘how do i get in the biz’. OMG, stop writing me to ask that stupid question!!!! do your research yourself, go see an agent. Read AVN for a list of agents. FUCK! leave me alone!!!! I dont have time for that shit.

And now is really not the best time to be entering the industry. Its dead, the economy is fucked in general, what makes you think you can come in and ruin it for everyone else, by accepting half of the going rate – thank you dumb bitches for totally screwing it for the old school girls who actually have some business sense – and know when they’re being totally degraded and chewed up and spit out with little to show for it. Not to mention the brand new porn girls taking away the meaning of the word ‘feature dancer’ by taking gigs for an 8th of a ‘real’ pornstars’ rate.

I know times are tough, but lets not get crazy and just start giving away ourselves for nothing! This is a business like any other business, and it’s such a shame we will never have a union like SAG to protect us.

Moral of this story, dont fucking ask me how to get in the business – especially dont join my pornstars for planet earth page to ask me such questions. And all you new talent, stop lowering your standards. We are all worth far more than what we get. And for you to go way lower than what was once considered standard, your just turning this industry into trash like the whole world already thinks it is. And you my friends, are trash, for letting people take advantage of you like that.

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