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In continuance of my last blog, I got my dvd’s back from Philly – like I said, I dont give up that easily! And I got my citation from the courts – yes, I admit, it was me in the red light photo. Damn It! I can see it clearly and I had a piece of paper in my hands, obviously reading directions! I think its time to buy a GPS. Can’t believe I never had one before, considering all the hundreds of locations i’ve shot in over the years! Oh well, so now I have to go to court in a week or so. Booooooo!
The Hustler Free Speech Coalition fundraiser was great. Well, I had a great time anyway. You see, I’ve been on this crazy health kick lately, eating 4 small meals a day and 2 protein/fruit smoothies, and working out sometimes twice a day, that consists of either yoga or cardio (on the treadmill) and crunches. FYI, if you ever get the urge to do a colonic, I highly recommend it! I feel amazing. Really cleansed and healthy.

Anyway, I was excited to take my good Aussie friends out in Hollywood to a porn party, so I had a few drinks, next thing you know. I dont remember half the night. I should have eaten before I went, that was a bad move, luckily, my friend took me out of the party before I caused a ruckus! And we went to the rainbow to eat. Then back to my place! They said I was hilarious. I was doing the accent to ‘Clayton Bigsby’, if you’ve ever seen Chappelles show, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

But hey, I do that kind of funny shit when I’m sober, so I’m definately not embarrassed. I just think its a bit scary when you dont remember half of what happened the night before, and believe me, as a true blooded Aussie, I can handle my liquor! So that was a bit bizarre – they do say however, the healthier you are, the quicker you get wasted.
I haven’t gone out since. I did however, go to see the movie ‘Bruno’, and to be honest, it wasn’t very funny. Certain parts were, but it kind of dragged on a bit. I loved Borat, but not Bruno. Next time we’ll be seeing Public Enemies (mmmm Johnny Depp).

Last night was pretty funny, I did a live chat on and this guy asked me to do some tummy play. Which is a first for me! Can you believe it? A fetish I haven’t heard of. Anyway, he wanted to see me with a tummy, and good news, I couldn’t do it! I have too much muscle to push out my tummy, so he’s like ‘your too fit, but thanks for trying’. Haha, what a great compliment!

Well, I’m off to the beach, taking half a day off,  and then my weekly acupuncture appointment. I hope you’ll all join me on tonight with Luther King, 8-10pm pst!
talk soon
mon xoxo

NL- I had acupuncture once, and yes it does too hurt. I was bleeding when they were done.  I have personally always wanted to have a colonic, but am a chicken shit to get something shoved up my ass. I know, I am certainly none of my readers dream girl, lol

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