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Monica Mayhem Kicks some Balls!

by Monica Mayhem from her blog


Okay so you have to be very open-minded and just a little crazy to lead the life of a pornstar. Which is what brings me to do this latest shoot. Something I’ve been very curious about. And I thought I should do some research for my book.
Originally a  Japanese sexual fetish called ‘Tamakeri’, which is also becoming more popular in the US, I guess you would call it, ‘Ball-Busting’. This is where dominating women, are kicking, punching and squeezing men’s balls!!! At the same time, talking down to them, making fun of them, your basic, female domination type stuff.

Of course the guys who are participating in this fetish, are sexually turned on by this brutality. I was a little apprehensive at first, not sure what the hell I was getting myself into. But once I got the hang of it, it was kind of fun, made me miss my days of kick-boxing! haha. Although I would never inflict this kind of pain on a regular guy. These guys could totally take it, not only that, they could get off at the same time.

The other crazy thing in this shoot – castration! Using pretty damn sharp swords. Now this was only for fantasy – I didn’t actually cut anything off, but it just amazed me at the type of torture that is turning people on. But hey, whatever floats your boat right?

You’ll can see plenty of this type of action (if your game) on and will soon be able to see my ‘ball-busting’ scenes on

stay tuned for more updates on my crazy life!
luv mon xoxo

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