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Monica Mayhem Loves EVERYONE & EVERYTHING!

From her blog on myspace

I love porn, I love dancing, everything’s fantastic, my life is a bed of roses. I love my fans, I love the haters, I love everything. Oh my god!

Now, you still think I’m a whiney bitch? I bet this blog isn’t negative enough for you to post on your gossip sites, therefore, no room for negative feedback. Wow, wouldn’t life be boring if it was that fucking perfect.

I’m definately not a negative person, nor am I a whiney bitch. So why do I let these assholes get to me? I guess it just sux when people dont really know you, yet they judge you so harshly from a couple of honest blogs.

All I got left to say is ‘WHATEVER’. I’m over it, and I’m not gonna give these people anything more to trash my name with. Since they obviously dont post the nice blogs that I write, especially the ones where I thank my friends and fans for being so cool and sticking by me through all the good and bad times.

And I still mean that!

All my luv

mon xoxo

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