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Monica Mayhem on HIV

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latest hiv case…
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Its always a huge mind-fuck when you hear of something like this happening. You think to yourself, ‘maybe its time for a change in career’. Because really, this could happen to any one of us. Although I hear its very hard to contract HIV just from doing vag. Dont quote me on that, not sure if thats a fact, only what i’ve been told.
So we still dont know who this girl is? It would be nice to know if you’ve worked with someone who’s worked with her, just in case somebody may have forgotten to tell you. And as for that news story about AIM, well, I dont believe AIM would be hiding cases of HIV from us, its probably people who have nothing to do with our industry. And you can’t always trust the media you know, they often dont get all the facts before presenting the story.
And when I wrote the blog that everyone bitched about, accusing me of slamming the industry or some bullshit. Which wasn’t the case at all. I was just frustrated about something and took it out in writing, which in turn, became twisted around to be something that it wasnt. Anyway, when I said girls were doing scenes for way less money and that they shouldnt cheapen themselves…
What I really should have said was, is that how much you value your life? Because your putting a price on your health. And taking small amounts of money for risky scenes is like saying you couldn’t care less. No I was not bitching because I’m getting older, or not shooting as much (thank you peanut gallery for your 2 cent negative comments). I’m quite happy where I’m at right now.
Now for the condom issue. I was at one point in my career, condom only. And lost alot of work because of that. Then there came a point where there was no option to wear a condom, either you didnt use them, or you didnt shoot. So of course I changed my rule. I think Wicked is the only company who still uses condoms – and it hasn’t hurt their sales has it?
I dont understand why people hate condoms so much in porn, I use them in my personal life and its not a big deal, the guy can still get it hard. And some condom scenes I’ve done, you cant even tell the guy is wearing a condom. Thats how realistic some of them are.
I understand the need to shoot a scene within a certain amount of time, and some guys cant get hard with a condom. And I know it doesn’t feel as good, and I guess doesnt look as good either. But shouldn’t our health be more important than all of those things? I’m very facsinated about this, because it feels like most porn fans, really do care alot about us, so i’m wondering, do they really hate to see us use condoms? Would love to hear the fans opinions on this topic. It would be nice for the talent to have condoms optional on set. Does any other talent agree?
And everyone, please dont confuse my curiosity with bitching or whining. Alot of people seem to mis-interpret everything I say.
luv Mon xoxo

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