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Monica Mayhem speaks her Mind!

Wow am I really not allowed to speak my mind???

by Monica Mayhem

Current mood:  frustrated
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

So it seems, anytime I say anything about the way I feel, there’s always those people who love to try and bring me down. I just commented on about how disappointed I was about nobody in the industry listening to me about this new technology that is going to take over the internet, called ‘Arrivell’, which my Aussie peeps developed. And most of the responses I got back were so negative. One guy even said I was a moron who couldn’t string a sentence together. Because I mentioned that I used to work in Financial Markets but yet people think i’m stupid because i’m a porn star. So obviously he didn’t understand what I was talking about, and had to say something derogatory about me to counter-act his own ignorance.

So anyway, I just wanted to vent once again, because I’m sick of being the only outspoken porn star who cops all the shit for being so honest, and not having my publicist write everything on my behalf. I’m sorry if anything I say offends you. Why can’t I just say what i’m thinking like any other regular person? Yes I’m a sex symbol, yes i’m supposed to act a certain way. But I have my own personality. And if people dont like that, then fuck off, just ignore me, but dont write stupid ignorant responses to legitimate questions I may post on certain porn forums. Well maybe I should just ignore those cunts too huh? Yes I said it, my favorite Aussie slang word. And no its not as offensive as you all think it is. Just another word to me. But really, why are you on a porn forum and putting me down?

You obviously know nothing about my life, and why I am the way I am. Which, if you read my book thats coming out in October. you’ll understand everything. And maybe not treat me so bad. Maybe you’ll understand why I take these comments so personally. And if not, then your just another ignorant, selfish cunt who has nothing better to do with their life, and frankly, I feel sorry for you! Because I know what goes around, comes around, and I should surely have some great karma coming back to me!

NL- Monica, you can speak you mind here anytime….

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