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Monique Alexander Exclusive Interview

Pictures courtesy of Interview by Cindi Loftus Courtesy of Xcitement Magazine

Last time I interviewed Monique Alexander was in July 2008. It was for the August 2008 cover of Xcitement magazine. A lot of things about Monique have changed since then, but also many have stayed the same. Hair color? Different. Boob size? Different. Hot, friendly, beautiful, funny, top ranked porn star? Same! Contract Star for Vivid? Different. Her Fantasies? Different. I thought you might like to see what she had to say when we spoke last time in 2008, so I have posted some of that interview below. Then you will find the interview I did with her this month, so you can see what she is up to these days!

Xcitement: How have you changed since you’ve become a Vivid Girl?

Monique: I haven’t changed a lot. But I’m coming into my womanhood now. I’ve just turned 24. I’m at a point in my life where I know what I want and who I am. It’s an exciting time. I am doing my first anal at the end of this month (July). I am really excited about it. I am also going to be doing my first interracial.
X: So have you been doing anal in your personal life to practice?
M: When I was younger I thought, ewww anal. But now that I am older I get turned on by it. I fantasize about it. I have dreams about it. I really want it. I had sexual experiences with fingers and stuff, but just recently on the 4th of July I was back home and there is a guy I always hook up with when I go home. We were just having sex and I said I want to do anal and he said I’ve never done it and I said I haven’t either. So I was on top and I gently, what you have to do in anal is dilate, so you have to go slowly and then stop, slowly go and then stop. Before I knew it, it was in. And we did anal, the first time for both of us. And it was awesome and I loved it. It was amazing. Everybody always told me if it’s done right it’s the best orgasm of your life. I had never felt anything like that. My whole body was shaking afterwards. It was fabulous. I was excited because I had done it. I really didn’t want to do it on camera for the first time. That’s the big thing about anal is that you have to be turned on by it or it’s not going to work.
X: Sweet little Monique who only did lesbian scenes, now is in love with anal sex.
M: I’ve always been a dirty girl, but when I was younger I was worried about what other people would think. When I decided to do boy/girl I knew that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. So I am not going to do this half-assed. I am going to do it the fullest and try to be the biggest and the best, so that it is worth it. I have two anal scenes this year, and next year I have four. I want to do it for my fans, and I like it.

X: You have grown up a lot in a year and a half.
X: So your first Vivid boy/girl movie was Lexie & Monique Love Rocco. You let Rocco be your first guy, what are you crazy???
M: I didn’t know who he was. But he was really nice
X: So him having a monster dick was okay?
M: Yeah. It was big, but I think Manuel Ferrera is bigger. It was a great scene. It was fun. There was a scene with me and Rocco and then at the end of the movie was an orgy scene.
X: Do you have a short list of men you work with?
M: My list isn’t short. I am a very open person. I have my people that I work with but then if there is someone that I haven’t worked with before, I know that the fans like to see me with different guys and we are lucky that we have a really good group of guys.
X: Who do you think is the sexiest male performer?
M: Tommy Gunn. He’s awesome. A super nice guy. A great body. I really like to work with him.
X: I would say Tommy too, but I haven’t worked with him yet.
(both laugh)

X: You are not going to get a boob job are you?
M: No never! I love my boobs. I have a great set of boobies for someone my size. I’m happy with the way my body is.
X: What is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
M: It’s in the movie we are shooting now, the new “Debbie Does Dallas.” In a cemetery in a coffin outside and it was nighttime. During the day while we were shooting dialog, there was a real funeral going on. I felt bad. I’m sure it will cause a little controversy. But it was a hot scene.
X: What’s quirky about you that your friends know that your fans would like to know?
M: I have so many weird things. Every time I go home there is this place called the Mexican Deli and it has the best food in the world, and everyday I am home I order a bean and cheese burrito special, everyday.
X: I love bean and cheese burritos!
Adult Fun: There are things that have changed since I talked to you last, number one, your hair!

Monique: Yes. I was born with black hair, but I’ve been a blonde most of my life. So I got tired of being a blonde and always wanted to try out being dark. So I gradually went from brown to now a pretty good red, which I really enjoy. The red head taught the blonde how to have fun. (Laughs)
AF: What’s amazing is I looked at the cover from three years ago and the cover pictures today, and of course you were beautiful then, but you are even prettier now!
M: Thank you. I like to say I’m like a fine wine. The older I get the better looking I get.
AF: That is very true. I love you with red hair. The next thing that changed is your boobs! You always said you weren’t going to get your boobs done. What changed your mind?
M: You know what? You should never say things like that because it always comes back to bite you in the butt. The boob thing is something that I’ve struggled with for the ten years that I’ve been in the business. I got in the industry when boobs were huge. Everybody had boobs, but I didn’t.  But I was okay with that. Then when I was a Vivid girl, at one time I was the only girl that didn’t have big boobs. But I didn’t get them then. I didn’t want to get boobs for the business or for anybody else or for insecurities, I wanted to get them for myself. So I waited a really long time, and basically I decided last summer to get boobs, and it was because when I lose and gain weight, the first thing that goes are my boobs. I was tired of my rib cage sticking out further than my bust when I didn’t have a bra on. I didn’t feel like a women. So I found an amazing doctor who goes through the armpit so there is no scarring. I went a cup size bigger than what I was.
AF: The fans are saying that they are glad that you got boobs that look natural. You didn’t go a lot bigger. You are in proportion.
M: After I got them done everyone thought they were wonderful. And I said come on, you think I would ruin my nice natural ones to put in some ugly fake ones?

AF: Do you think you get more work  because of your change in bust size?
M: I definitely work more for Brazzers, because a lot of their websites are girls with big boobs. Shooting wise I don’t know if I work more or less because of it. I don’t shoot as often as other girls, because I do feature dancing and conventions so I’m not available as often. I shoot a couple times a month and for my website and then I’m on the road.
AF: I read a quote from a fan that said that you are “really good at reinventing yourself”, and she is right. You’ve been in the industry over ten years and you are still on the top of the list.
M: Wow. Thank you, that’s an amazing compliment. I’m a Gemini and I get bored very easily, with people, with myself, with everything. So I always try to keep myself on my toes and I think if I am getting bored with something obviously the fans are going to get bored with it. So I reinvent myself, keep it going. There is a lot of competition these days, so to say that I am up there on top with some of these new girls means a lot.
AF: You definitely are. Another change is you left Vivid in 2009, on great terms. Do you still shoot for them?
M: I’m very friendly with them. They are my family. I’m extremely close with Marci Hirsch,  (the owner’s sister who also has one of the top jobs at Vivid) she is like a mother to me. The reason for leaving had nothing to do with Marci, or Stephen (the owner) or Vivid in general. I personally couldn’t work with Paul Thomas (Vivid’s main director at the time) anymore. It was just not fun going to work any more.
AF: I have to say that he’s not one of my favorite people. As a matter of fact, he even made himself look like a pompous ass on that Vivid Reality show about Debbie Does Dallas that was on cable. So I’m sure you weren’t the only one that disliked him. I know that he is no longer with Vivid, and I think they are better for it.
M: I finished my contract and he was the reason I didn’t want to re-sign. In the end, it was a good thing. The industry was changing at that point. Contract girls aren’t what they used to be. Vivid has very few contract girls. I still do a lot of stuff for Vivid. They have Vivid Vodka that me and Sunny Leone have done a lot of work for. I still do some trade shows for them. I walked the red carpet with them at last year’s AVN. We still have a great relationship.

AF: Vivid is one of my favorite companies. Another change you’ve made is you’ve got more tattoos.
M: I haven’t gotten any more since I was at Vivid.
AF: Maybe in that older set of pictures your tattoos were covered up?
V: Maybe. The last one I’ve gotten is the one on my side with the peony flowers and the butterflies. I got that while I was still under contract, but I don’t think it was colored in yet, but they may have covered it up because it wasn’t colored in.
AF: I didn’t remember seeing that big one on your side. And I’m not a tattoo lover, but that one that you have is gorgeous. I love that your side and your wrist go so perfect together, that when you have you hand on your hip it looks amazing. Sometimes to me tattoos on some people are distracting, but this one on you just blends perfectly and looks fantastic.
M: I’m a very colorful and spiritual person and they go with the flow of my body. I think they are in the proper places where they are elegant and you almost don’t notice them. It’s like they are an accessory.
AF: That’s exactly what it is. That’s a great way to explain it.
M: I don’t think I have ever fit the stereotype of a porn star. I think that is one reason that my career has gone as far as it has and I’ve been as successful because I’ve always had that girl next door look.
AF: Well maybe the beautiful girl next door. The girl that lives next door to me doesn’t look like you, but I get what you are saying. So you were in Berlin at the Venus convention last week. How was it?
M: Germany is gorgeous. This is my third time at the Venus show. I was there this time with Clips4Sale. It was a lot of fun. I am a huge history buff and this year is the 21st anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. It was a national holiday, so that was pretty cool.
AF: So what are the differences between a show in Germany and how much sex you can get away with at the Venus convention compared to stuff here? It seems like the U.S. is the most uptight country of all of them.
M: It is. We’re so uptight. At the Venus show you can do live sex, full on sex. You can be naked. You can do whatever you want. I think Germany is the most liberal.

AF: After all this time in the biz, do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
M: I think I have done everything I’ve wanted to do. I know it sounds crazy, but having sex with the one you love on the beach is something I would like to do that I haven’t done. Being romantic. Not doing it where sand can get everywhere. I guess that is the only fantasy I have that I’ve never done.
AF: You’ve never had sex on the beach. I bet you  would get a whole bunch of volunteers.
M: I’m sure (Laughs)
AF: You have to bring a blanket and climb up into the life-guard station.
M: Oh my god, that’s the best idea. The life-guard station! You’ve done that before.
AF: Hee Hee. So you are up high and people can’t see you when they walk by and you don’t get sand up your butt.
M: Yeah, then you don’t get sand everywhere. So I would like to do that with somebody that I love, not with a porn dude, no offense.
AF: There are some really hot porn dudes lately.
M: That’s one wonderful thing that has changed in our industry, it’s not the same five guys anymore. There are lots of really good-looking young dudes in porn. Makes me happy to go to work.
AF: Do you have some new favorites?
M: I love James Deen. I’ve only worked with him once, but Xander is really cute. I finally got to work with Ramon, that was fun. Danny Mountain is really fun.
AF: He’s hot.
M: He’s so hot, and his English accent. I am a sucker for an accent. That’s an instant panty dropper for me. If I am wearing any. (Laughs)
AF: I like Aussie the best, because it’s kind of an English accent, but more rough and rugged.
M: The first time I went to Australia for a convention I hooked up with as Aussie and it was amazing. I was just a sucker for the accent. I was like, say my name.
AF: This is such a typical porn question, what is the best sex you’ve ever had?
M: Well they say when women get toward their thirties they reach their sexual peak, and I just turned twenty-nine. I notice that I get much, much wetter these days, than I ever had before. I always have really good sex with Pisces, I don’t know why. There is a civilian that I have sex with and we just connect the right way and it is probably some of the best sex I’ve ever had. He can make me squirt and it’s just phenomenal.
AF: Is it someone that I know?
M: No, he’s a civilian.
AF: A boyfriend?
M: No I don’t do boyfriends. I’m happily single. We just have really great sex.
AF: Friends with benefits.
M: Yeah, exactly. As a matter of fact, maybe I should call him….
AF: You’re drifting off there Monique, wait come back. (Laughs)

M: (Laughs) I casually date and have a few people who I hook up with, but for the most part, most of the time I’m having sex it’s on camera.
AF: Well I only have a couple more questions than you can call your civilian! What are you doing for Halloween?
M: The day before Halloween I am running a half marathon for the American Cancer Society. Sunny Leone lost her father last year to cancer, so me, her and Keni Styles are going to do it. We have already reached our fundraising goal of seven thousand dollars
AF: That’s a great cause. Good job!
M: As for Halloween I don’t think I am really going to be able to do anything because I don’t think I am going to be able to walk the next day. My legs are going to be like jelly. (Laughs)
AF: That’s true. You will probably be able to sit in a chair by the door and hand out candy, that’s about it. What can we see on your website I know you’ve been working on it.
M: Boy/girl, girl/girl, solo scenes, photo sets, I am in the process of taking all my old content of being on the road and editing it into webisodes. Kind of like a video log from all the years I have been on the road. I know fans like to see you being normal, being goofy. I’m a really big cheeseball and I pretty much will do anything for a laugh, so some of these videos are pretty hysterical, or at least I think so. I think they would really enjoy that because it is them seeing me pure, sometimes no makeup, being a dork. And I try to make the content always different and change it up. The cool thing about my site is that I’m a Premium Girl. So once you sign up for mine you get all the other Premium Girls sites as well. Plus every week we do live webcam shows which are free for our members.
AF: Webcam shows are a lot of fun. So is feature dancing, and I know you are coming down to see us in South Florida soon! You are appearing at The Beach House when this magazine is out.
M: Oh, that’s perfect.
AF: Do you have a message for your fans?
M: Follow me on my twitter. It’s Monique Alexande. My name without the “r” because my name is too long. Also my website always has updates of where I will be as well. To my fans, I love you all. Without you there would be no me. Thank you for supporting me for these ten years I’ve been in the industry. I hope I make your pants rise and show you guys a good time.

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