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More Deets on Janine’s Marriage & Custody Battle- Exclusive

More Details on Janine’s Marriage & Custody Battle- Exclusive

Janine married “Lefty” aka Jeremy Aikman in August. Jeremy was in prison for intent to manufacture and distribute meth amphetamines.

Jesse James said that Janine kept her marriage to Jeremy a secret from him and the court. Jeremy is currently not allowed to be around Sunny via court order. Jesse James wrote in a statement to the court that Sunny may not be safe with his ex-wife, adding that she should be restrained from allowing the child around pornographers, drug addicts, guns and firearms, felons and other unsafe environments.

When I speculated that Janine might be pregnant because of her statement that she was “waiting for the stork” I was wrong. Janine is not pregnant. She is TRYING to get pregnant by her new husband as shown in this exchange-

11.03.09 Janine- dammit man…Im ovulating! Get ur ass over here!

11.03.09 Jeremy- 0h shit, Im comin baby!!

Both mention their love for each other-
Janine-I’m very much in love with my husband….in a crazy, stalker kinda way. ?
Jeremy- I am very much in love with my beautiful wife mrs janine aikman I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her she is truly my soulmate

Sandra adds “I am aware that Janine has claimed many times that my desire to have [the girl], was because I could not have children of my own,” Bullock says, adding, “that couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

“I myself have stopped working like I used to in order to be here with Jesse and the kids because we are on constant high alert,” she writes, “never knowing what condition Janine will be in, and even more concerning, the condition [the girl] will be in.”

NL- If Janine truly wants custody, or even shared custody of Sunny, she is certainly not making decisions that will impress the judge in that direction. The court has stated that Janine can no longer work in porn, and looks like her “learning to be a tattoo artist” did not work out. She is currently unemployed, still owes the IRS lots of money, is now married to an ex-con who she wants to have a baby with and is living in a not too nice neighborhood (she says because she has bad credit). I think these recent decisions show her desire to do what she wants to do, and not what is in the best interest of Sunny. Even Janine’s statement as to her occupation, “BadAss”, makes her look childish and self-centered. Is that the occupation of a Mom?  If Janine would like to tell her side of this story.  I would be happy to post it.


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