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More Drama- Donny updates me

This is Donny’s opinion and I would be happy to post Kevin’s and /or Rebecca’s side of the story if they would like to e-mail it to me.

Donny IM’s  me at 2:35 dec 4th

The cock sucker is threaten to sue us which he has no case. He would have to prove damages and being that he is doing shit business and very little of it at that which is easy to prove its going to be hard for him. All his girls are saying he doesn’t get them work anyways and they are leaving. Emma Hart left yesterday and went to ladirect and i got this email from CHENNIN saying U CAN REPRESENT ME AS WELL I WILL TAKE ALL THE WORK I CAN GET!!!
LUV, but i dont rep girls

please just take the new banner with the link from my post on and you will understand. Kevin wants to play legal games so can we.   (Banner says-Type 9 models is threaten us with lawsuit & page is being redone! Hope his neighbours don’t find out about his two illegal brothels the girls pay to stay in)

We removed the page of his girls for now till its changed to there pictures off myspace so kevin cant throw a fit anymore about it but there are many other things we can do to get him while he thinks his pants are not down. He is very dumb for throwing rocks from two glass whore houses where he illegally charging girls to stay and hook.   

You can

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