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More John T. Bone 2257 Accusations

DWB writes:

John T Bone shot yet another minor in Thailand it turns out and this one JUST turned 18 on the 9th of last month!!!  John shot her over 8 months ago before his arrest in Thailand and did so several times she said. That makes her just a few months over 16 when he shot her.

The kicker… he didn’t pay her for the last shoot (surprise), so she was more than happy to provide her ID and said something along the lines of, “I hope he go long time in monkey house for not pay me.”

We have only been able to find one of her released movies so far and that was with Robert Hill Releasing in a movie called “Asian Transsexual Lesbians #1.”  She is on the cover next to a model in red, center of the box.

Attached is her ID, her birthday was just last month on the 9th. Her private data is blurred but her date of birth is there for all to see. Like the rest of the false IDs and minors, they will be sent to the proper authorities where John has a lot of explaining to do.

The ID in question

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