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More Lawsuits in the Flynt Family

In a recent court battle, Larry Flynt tried to stop his nephews from using the Flynt name on their own business, and won a partial victory. Larry fired Jimmy Sr saying he needed his salary money to pay for the court battles. Now Jimmy Sr is suing Larry saying he is a partner in LFP and wants to dissolve the partnership (which sounds to me like an attempt to force Larry to buy him out).

Court papers filed by Jimmy Sr say ( in my opinion)  that he owned the original Hustler Clubs that launched the Hustler brand, and that Hustler magazine and the subsequent acquisitions are built on the back of that original investment.

I’m sure Larry will come back with the fact that Jimmy Sr was not an owner, but merely an employee. All is not well in the Flynt family and I guess this will NOT be a very Merry Christmas.

Although things have never been totally smooth going for the Flynts, until recently both nephews and their father Jimmy were long term ( like 20+ years) employees of LFP.

What a sad place for the family to end up, dissolving their relationship and business in court.

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