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More on John T. Bone’s 2257 Missteps

DWB writes:

Here are 2 IDs for Teeny Thais and School Of Cock.  (more will come as soon as we can match them to the movies)

*** Info has been blurred for the models safety. I will give the full unblurred IDs to any proper agency who needs them.

Kaew – Teeny Thais – John used another girls ID because this girl did not have one. Here you can see a pic of the girl in the movie, the bogus ID and the real girls ID pic. Also in this movie the bald Asian man has a bogus ID, though he is of legal age.

May – School Of Cock This model was a minor (17) at the time of filming and John had her go get someone elses ID (a mans) and turned that in with the records. May is now of legal age but was not at the time of production. She was almost 18, but almost doesn’t count when it comes to our industry. Again, I also have this unblurred as well but it is not going to be posted online for the models safety.

John does this often. He will get a transsexual and if she is underage or does not have an ID, he will use a mans ID. His thought is that because so many transsexuals have facial surgery that it will be difficult to tell the real TS from the man in the pic. So far it was worked for him very well and has done it ALOT in Thailand. We have been tracking Ladyboys down one at a time here getting the real info on them. When we get enough IDs and can match the movies they are in I will post them as well along with the movie titles. There are going to be a lot of recalled movies when this is said and done.

Of course he is denying this to the bitter end, but don’t take my word for it, all the distributor have to do is check their records or contact me to help them verify what they have. I am willing to work with each of them (for free) to help them find the correct IDs for models in their movies or verify that the ID is correct. I am able to run checks with the Thai government and get a print out from them that can confirm the validity of a Thai ID.

Note to distributors – if you have any movies from John T Bone or “Chuck Wow” and are worried, please contact me and I will do my best to work with you to see if you have legit IDs or not. [email protected]

For those of you who are upset that I brought this to light, please don’t shoot the messenger. Instead I urge you to ask the producer of this content why he put you and your business at risk.


Kaew ID May ID

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