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More on Vixen Media’s Big Fuck You To MindGeek/FSC’s Production Hold

This morning I wrote what one would call, a scathing grammatical masterpiece about Vixen Media Groups refusal to stop porn production.

If Siskel and Ebert were still alive they would of given it 10 thumbs ups.  One news outlet it compared it to little Ralphie Parker’s quest for a Red Rider BB gun.

I held back a little bit of info because I was waiting on Moz or someone at Vixen to get back to me with their side.  But as the day wore on, it became obvious that Vixen really doesn’t care. They answer to NO one and there will be no repercussions for their actions. When you write the checks, especially the size of the checks they write, you have free reign.

So here’s how they are doing the shooting:

Jul Models’ Julia Grande hired a friend in Russia to handle the day to day stuff. She’s holed up in a St Petersburg hotel and is shooting Russian girls, including Gina Gerson for Tushy.  Male talent is limited to the guys who got back across the border before it closed. From what I’m told, the girls are not happy with the guys. Lack of professionalism and scene direction are an issue as well. But that’s the price you pay for hiring someone with no experience.

I’m 95% certain that porn is illegal in Russia. But, Budapest is still sort of on lockdown and we are shut down here in the US, so I guess Vixen doesn’t mind taking the risk over there.

I’m told Mindgeek isn’t happy about them shooting, and possibly hired some guys to kill everyone at Vixen. I made that last part up 🙂  Remember that time a blogger said MG wanted to kill him? He even said they sabotaged his scooter.

Blogging is a dangerous job though, I’m currently waiting on Johnny Goodluck’s Motorcycle gang, the Sons of Shrek, to beat me up.  But that’s a story for another day.

I like how Vixen keeps telling everyone to just stay home, don’t risk it, do what’s best for everyone. All the while breaking Russian law and probably shooting untested talent.

I wonder when Mindgeek is going to let everyone else start shooting?


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