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More Plush Talent Aka Scott Ohanian Complaints

Anyone that’s ever looked at the Plush Talent website knows more then half the girls aren’t with Plush. And this isnt just Plush, there are several agencies that do the same thing, some when notified pull the pics, others like Scott and Kevin from Glamour keep the pics up for a few reasons. One, they look more legit with more girls allegedly on the roster, two, they can get a booking for a girl use it to manipulate the girl or they can up sell another girl by badmouthing the one the director originally tried to book.The later seems to be Scotts and Kevins MO..plush-talent-logo

Typically when a girl emails me asking how to get removed from a site the first thing I ask is, are you under contract..Today, i got one of my usual Scott is a scumbag DMs. Ive redacted her name because she asked—>>>>>

How do I go about having Scottie from plush talent remove my pictures off of his sight considering I have never ever worked with him nor even met him?

I’ve asked him numerous of times and he still will not remove my pictures

DMCA his host…Can I use this info??

I’ve had companies ask me if I was working with him and I found that odd because I never have so I’m beyond pissed.

Idk who his who is. I know nothing about this agency I’ve only heard bad things


I stopped using agency’s when I had a horrible run in with Not Scott owner of AMA modeling who is a scum bag and now still dealing with this whole ordeal


ill get you an email address to use for a DMCA takedown notice

Okay thank you. I figured you would deff know how I could go about this


he’s a scumbag

Majority of agents are. I figured that out the hard way when NOT SCOTT talked me into driving from VA to Miami then refused to book me because I wouldn’t lick his nipples or scratch his balls wasted 3 weeks of my time basically was everyone’s taxi. Fucking horrible. So after that I said never again. Then this shit with Scottie which came out of no where. Don’t even know this guy. So I’m solely Independent and plan to stay that way. I’ve gotten more work myself than being with an agency.

Thank you for you help tho I really appreciate it

Idc if you use the info I’m giving you as long as I remain anonymous.


of course…

LOL Nipples and Balls…

I know what you’re thinking, Scott putting pics of girls he doesn’t have under contract then refusing to take them down is so far fetched it couldn’t possibly be true..LOL

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