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More Threats From Rick Madrid

NL-I am just posting these up so the police & Dan and Jim can see them instantly as I get them. I will worry about taking personal info out later.


Yeah guys Its true..dan is scared and called the cops like he always does and I’m down the street on Nordoff!. This Mother fucker exposed too much of my Personal family info and my personal testing information and and put some serious shit on that I never read or see. My children are being tormented at school now and My mother is too sick to have this shit going on by stupid, ass children. I have no faith in the court system so I’m going to be on the 5pm news. Dan is scared as shit and need to be. Really fucked up move ass wipe. whose next Dan? Nica? maybe some other girl that doesn’t like your ass? and your going to PWL dirty weaks them and put shit on the Internet blogs with there real last names and pics?? your a real Visonary to the adult industry COCK sucker dan! War has begun and I’m going for it…

Jim lane..u got to stop calling my phone…Im down on Desoto crusing with my “people” and when where ready were coming for you at xxxxxxxx, Chatsworth,ca 91311

call porno dan at 818-xxxxxx and say good bye and thanks for exposing ur an asshole homo dan. we don’t need people doing this and giving this Industry anymore blackeyes with you “child” acts. You fucked up my kids and family and now I’m hearing my sister is losing her job over all this right now. What a fucking porn cocksucker! …..

I have faxes copies of the documents with [email protected] email address attached to the local press and it will all be used in the police reports and other need death reports. we really got some fucked up people running these porn companies and just isn’t very cool. Got’s to do what I got to do!!!

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