Morgana Muse: Unlikely Adult Film Star

When Morgana Muse was 47 years old she was feeling not all that great. She had gotten divorced recently, and her marriage hadn’t been all that sexy or fun. She was feeling very low when she decided to treat herself to an evening with a male companion who would lavish his sexual attentions on her. That sparked a whole idea for her to try something new and go into a new direction in life. She decided to create her own porn content from the ground up. She wanted to write it, direct it and star in it. She did so with her first film which was called Duty Bound, and she entered it into a contest called the Petra Joy Awards and won!

Making porn was not anything she had ever thought about before, but she just wanted to experience more of sexuality and intimacy that it felt like the right thing to do. According to an interview online she had been celibate for about 12 years before joining the business. Now she has made about 10 porn movies, but you might be more correct if you called them erotic films because they definitely walk the line between hot sex and art. Through her porn moves she has also gotten to explore different fetishes like bondage and BDSM.

Her work has become so well known in the feminist and sex positive porn communities that now a documentary is being made about her story. It’s quite an incredible one. Just 3 years after she decided to switch from being a housewife in suburban Australia to being a pornstar, she was celebrating her 50th birthday, getting tied up in an incredible and colorful bondage scene. People who met Morgana at that party just felt so inspired by her story that they knew they had to make a documentary about it.

While you may not have heard of this person or her porn production company Permission 4 Pleasure, it may be worth checking it out because it does offer a whole new perspective on sex and pleasure. Instead of another hot hardcore session that starts out with some 20 year old hottie on her knees sucking dick and ends with her getting a face covered in jizz, Morgana offers a totally different take on the whole thing. Her movies are slow and erotic and build up to hot climaxes both in cinematic senses and sexual senses. If you’re a porn fan, you can’t consider yourself a true connoisseur until you’ve also seen some feminist porn that is inclusive of older babes, chicks of size and just hot people who want to get it on of all types! That’s what I think at least.

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