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“Most Hated People”

NOT LUKE posts- Web Surfing- “Most Hated People” yields expected names and some surprises.  In no particular order, and not necessarily my opinion. Add yours.

George W. Bush- President of the US

Heather Mills- Ex- nude model, ex-wife of Paul McCartney

Tom Cruise- Actor married to Katie Holmes

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth-  reality show contestant on Donald Trump’s Apprentice

Terrell Owens-Cowboys Football Player

Rush Limbaugh- Conservative talk show host

Oprah Winfrey- female multimillionaire /talk show host

Paris Hilton-Daughter of Hilton Hotel owners , star of One Night in Paris

Simon Cowell- Judge on American Idol

Janice Dickinson- “The world’s first supermodel”

Osama Bin Laden- Leader of Al Qaeda

Britney Spears- Hit pop singer

Rachel Ray- Cooking talk show host

Karl Rove- Bush’s ex advisor

Rosie O’donnell- gay, outspoken former talk show host

Anne Coulter- Conservative Author

Michael Vick- Sport’s figure convicted of arranging dog fights

The Phelps Family- Religious zealots who protest at  funerals, saying the deaths are retribution from God because of homosexuality

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