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Mother/Daughter, Desi & Elli Foxx Working at the Bunny Ranch

Story by Darrah Ford of PornStarBabylon

Thank you to iwasthere for this news tip!

From Desi’s blog at Porn In The Valley:

Yes, it’s true, Elli and I have joined The Moonlite Bunny Ranch and will be here for private parties from March 18th through March 29th. We’re also being filmed to be on HBO’s Cathouse series. Lots of great things happening for The FoXXs now that we’re here.

We absolutely love it here and I can safely say that if we would’ve checked this out first, we would’ve never made it to porn. At least not the way we did it lol. Dennis is the best and will handle our PR and marketing going forward. He’s the most active and forward thinking man I’ve met in the adult industry so we are definitely in the best place here. They have a wonderful system and all the girls are beautiful and so nice. After spending a couple days here, we can definitely see why it’s such a successful business. They have the most beautiful girls, everyone has a lot of fun and so far, the guys have been very nice looking.

Since my birthday was yesterday, I was really hoping to have my first client and get some birthday action. We spent most of the day in orientation (yes, they even have orientation and a mentor program) so didn’t get the chance but did get to hang out with a couple of clients which was nice and good experience for us. With the weekend coming, we’re sure it’ll be busy and we’ll get to have some fun. If any of you would like to have a private party with Elli, me or both of us, come on in to The Bunny Ranch in Carson City, NV and we’ll make sure we all have some fun!!

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