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Motley Models accused of multiple felonies, including kidnapping & sex trafficking – Reader Email

Normally reader email is a way for lesser blog sites to make up lies about people. Traditionally, those blogs are too scared to stand behind what they write, so they email themselves, then run it…We here at TRPWL don’t believe in being punk bitches, this email came to me thru a legit avenue, it’s very detailed and signed by a General with fancy initials after his name.   I reckon I’m 95% certain this General Lee guy isn’t a car


My friend “Nicole Doshi” from China, relatively new to the industry and a new model for Motley Models, is a MISSING PERSON. I filed a police report with LAPD on Friday Sept 9, 2022…

I was trying to help Nicole ESCAPE this week by Friday 9/9/22, but Dave found out and now she is missing! I fear Dave is trying to smuggle her out of the USA to cover his track or worse, we are praying for her!

NOTE: I have apx 100+ messages from Nicole. Her last message was at 8:50am Friday Sept 9, 2022, “her and other ladies were in the back of a truck”! I have this text via Google Chat. We got her a personal phone to help with her escape. Motley would take away their phone all the the time and review messages, social media accounts, etc…

Nicole was an undocumented person from China and started to work for Motley in late 2019/ early 2020 (apx 2 years).

Like all the other ladies that came forward and told their horror stories about Dave Rock, her story is the worst…

Nicole is being Sex Trafficked and is a SEX SLAVE/PROSTITUE for Motley with no freedom:
1) no copy of her contract

2) no copy of the apt lease (stayed at a Motley leased Apt in downtown LA)

3) does not know what her expenses / debts are to Motley is forced to do any type of videos and can’t object (example, last week, she was forced to shoot a video with Rapist Ramon XXXX, remember he beat and raped brutally Nikki Benz in 2016)

4) 24/7 surveillance (cannot go anywhere alone)

5) does not get paid (does not have her own bank account). She has shot more than 50 videos and 60+ photo shoots and have not been paid 1 cent

6) Dave got a false birth certificate and in order to get her an ILLEGAL USA PASSPORT (federal felony and can easily be verified)

7) take away her Motley cell phone to to monitor and control her8) monitor her personal Facebook, Instagram, Google Chat, all per personal social media accounts

8) cannot object to shooting videos with condoms (65% of porn actors have Herpes and 17% have HIV in Los Angeles)10) threaten her that if she left, she would go to jail for breaking the contract or they would deport her

Note: Nicole is from a small and poor province and town in China, was very naïve and financially vulnerable when she signed with Motley!

Please call me ASAP (949) 432-6802 to get the word out, before it’s too late!!!

Gen. Lee Bryant Fitzgerald, CEO, EMBA, BSBA, USA

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