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Motley Models Threatens Talent with $18,000 buyout…

motley models

Ryan and the rest of the idiots over at Motley like to tell the world they are the best agency in the game. LOL

Really, they are nothing more than bunch of pussies, making money off other pussies.  Ha. See what I did there? Like how I used the word pussies twice?  But like in a different sense of the word… And get this, I didn’t go to an Ivy League school, I don’t have a payroll, don’t piss in cups, never worked at NASA, and my pronouns are Dead / Lift.

Anyway, I have a few questions for Motley Models.

If you’re the best agency out there…

1. Why do you make your girls sign contracts? I mean you’re the best, they should be beating down you door like they do Spiegs. Mark Speigler, the agent you guys compare yourself to doesn’t make his girls sign anything.

2. And if you are best, why do girls have to sign an illegal NDA when they leave? Since all they could do is talk about how great you are, cuz you know you say you’re the best.

3. And if you’re as great as you say you are, why in the world would you threaten a girl with — “I could make you pay us 18,000, but I’ll take 3”?

Like 3000 bucks is a drop in the bucket to big time rollers you guys. I’m curious, when you threaten chick with huge buyouts or having them blacklisted, do you get a Jessy Jones euphoric rush? Or the kind of rush Johnny Goodluck gets from the wind blowing through his thinning out hair while riding his bike down the street? My only hope is one day I can be as tough as you guys.

Maybe we will cross paths at AVN.

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