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Moxie: ‘This Crosses The Line’

Moxie posts to XPT: “I have no problem with people paying the whores for private time. Its an even exchange, a quid pro quo. Now it seems like at least one whore thinks that she deserves birthday presents from the fans….just for being her. The scary thing is that legions of posters on AZT will just step in line and do just that. A bit of warning for Lela Star. When you solicit presents from people you don’t know, you have only yourself to blame when some delusional sort thinks he has a special bond with you and starts camping outside your apartment. You seriously need to click on some of the shit she’s asking for. So much for a card, her wish list starts at $500 and goes over $4,000. Dellusional, gold diging whore! “

Lela Star writes on her MySpace: “Im so excited my 22nd BIRTHDAY is comming up june 13th YAY! This will be my first bday in L.A. And you know what would make this the best bday ever? Wonderful presents from all my adoring fans…: ) If you want to buy me something extra special, then choose your favorite item from the following list of links or surprise me. You guys know what I like. xoxox Kisses!”

Gia Jordan responds on XPT: “Meh. Sure, one shouldn’t ASK for gifts, then again, Lela’s not the first porn girl to have a wishlist. She should’ve been more sly and written, “Since some of you have sent me emails asking what I’d like for my birthday, I figured I’d put a list out.” I’ve never been ballsy enough to do such, but one year I got plenty of gift certifs in my po box without even asking. I didn’t even have a wishlist…just a few fans being sweet. No one stalked me, asked to meet me, nor followed me home in exchange. Harmless.”

Conky posts to XPT: “This is outstanding. A whore cannot change her spots (there’s a Sierra gag in there somewhere). What a great gal. And I’d love to know how many of those losers actually buy her stuff. Ceara, take this girl under your wing now and show her the correct way to extract bucks from losers.”

JamesN posts: “The best part is the shit she wants is indistinguishable from what every self-respecting north-african in paris has in a duffel bag ready to peddle. it’s TOTALLY how a chick from iowa whose mother worked shifts at applebee’s would think to waste money. how to buy luxury goods like a poor person or rapper: -straight to saks and neiman’s(jewelry there?) because people in iowa have heard of them. -spend only on gucci, lv and fendi because people in iowa have heard on them. congratulations-you’ve just bought stuff gypsies and street vendors sell for $50 bucks an item.”

Ceara Lynch posts: “It’s kinda funny to me how Moxie thinks prostitution is an even exchange as oppose to this which “crosses the line.” Really? I mean, a hooker has sex with someone she doesnt want to, has to live with that forever, for X amount of dollars that will probably be gone the next day. That doesnt seem very even to me. But they’re not my choices so who cares? Whether it’s hooker getting underpaid to be a jizz mop or a sad pathetic loser who has nothing better to do but buy things for someone they could never have, it’s still two consenting adults doing something that doesnt affect anyone but themselves.”

Casey Parker sent out this MySpace bulletin: “From: Casey Parker Date: May 15, 2007 9:17 PM Subject MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!!! Body: Hello everyone! I have been getting a lot of messages about where you can send Birthday is my adress: Casey Parker P.O. Box 3014 Granada Hills, ca 91394 You cant send fed ex…only regular ups My birthday is May 20th…I’m so stoked! I’m going to be 21!!! Watch out I come! hope you guys are having a great day!”


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