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Moxxie Gets Tattoos REMOVED !

Moxxie Maddron Writes-

Bye Bye Tattoos
I am in the process of having several of my tattoos removed. Not ALL just some ?

 I have been having this done at a great place called Tattoo Vanish Inc. ( ) Its a new non laser procedure. During my last session, they brought in a videographer to film the procedure, and will soon have them on youtube, etc.

 Their results are impressive, and I am excited to be getting mine done!

 Ill post more pix of results as I get treated. When you see me in Vegas at AEE they will be much lighter, hopefully close to gone! I cant wait!!

 Anyone interested in having their tatts removed should look into using them, its awesome!! They are getting more licensed locations to use their special methods  all the time!!

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