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Moxxie is very Thankful for lots of stuff!

Thank you sweetness!! Im sooo very excited!! Im one of those girls who TRULY means it when I say ‘it is such an honor just to be nominated!!’
 I am very Thankful for my family, and my friends. I am thankful for such a wonderful job and all the people who make my job possible! For the people who are fans of my work, and colleagues who respect my work.  I am thankful for all the good things in the world and in life, and I am hopeful for change for all the things that are not so good.

I am so very thankful to AVN for the recognition of my work, and the nomination for best solo sex scene. I am beyond thrilled! It is my first nomination, and I was blown away! I always get soooo nervous when I do solos, and I so very rarely do them, because I think Im bad at them!!

This was the opening scene on my first movie for HellHouse, Moxxie Maddron Goes To Hell, so I am very proud that my first solo under contract with HellHouse got this type of recognition! The scene was extremely fun, because I am from the country, have been shooting guns since I was a kid. SO to start a solo scene by shooting a few round through my own Mossberg, then getting all worked up and going through a few more rounds on myself was a pretty non traditional solo for sure!! It was fun and sexy and I had a great time!

  I am grateful AVN liked it, and congratulations to all the 2009 AVN award nominees! It feels pretty damn great, and  I hope you all are as excited as I am!!

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