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Moxxie Maddron- Be Honest, even if it’s about the Casting Couch!


Honesty is the Best Policy

Today’s guest blogger is another woman I consider to be one of the very best this industry has to offer. Anyone who has seen Moxxie Maddron perform on camera knows that she gives it her all every time. She’s also a very smart cookie. My friend Willie introduced us and I am thankful he did. Moxxie is a great lady with a lot on her mind and she is kind enough to share it here today.

Moxxie Maddron Writes:

In this industry I have learned that honesty is a word not many seem to understand the meaning of. If they do, they don’t care.

I grew up and still actively live by a simple rule of courtesy (another underused act in this biz) ‘ Say what you mean and mean what you say’. Pretty simple, I have always found. Apparently not so much for a majority of folks.

If you say to someone, I want to book you for this movie, scene, website, shoot, etc. Do it. If you don’t intend to DONT say it in the first place. Not rocket science, just kind of the golden rule.

If you are looking for a young brunette for the role, don’t tell a MILFy blonde you will call her. Just say, this role is for a young brunette!! There are so many diverse niches and marketing demographics, it’s not a competition. it is just filling a demand. An 18 year old with a barely legal look will not fulfill the requirements for a big busted bad girl, or vice versa. Any reasonable performer would understand why she wasn’t put in the part. So just say you are not right for the part.

If a girl is too thin, fat, old or young, tattooed or not, too sweet or too naughty, tall short whatever. If that’s the reason you are not casting them, say so.

If you have booked for a shoot, and you decide to stay out partying all night before, to not bother to bring requested wardrobe, or even ID’s legally required to shoot you, instead of wasting peoples time and money simply call and cancel. If you didn’t want to work, say so. Don’t accept a job if you don’t intend to give it 100%. If you wake up late after partying all night, call in and say look, I fucked up and I’m sorry. Don’t say your grandmother is sick.

That goes both ways. If you book someone for a shoot, don’t flake and say, I was in a car wreck. If you weren’t, you’re really giving yourself some karma.

If you say to a girl who is in visiting your town/state, (there are MANY girls who don’t live in LA, or who travel to FL, NY, etc for work) hey! I didn’t know you were going to be here! I would love to shoot you! Next time you’re in town, let me know and we will definitely use you! Then she notifies you she is returning and suddenly the story is I don’t have time right now, or it’s not in the budget, etc… Try the truth, whatever the truth may be. If its, I never meant it in the first place, I am an asshole for saying it. If it’s “I am using cheaper talent that doesn’t know any better”, whatever the reason is. be direct.

If you are negotiating talent rates to get them as low as possible by saying it’s not in the budget when it really is, what a prick move. How would you like it? If you just want to pocket the money yourself, just say so. Say look, I’m only willing to pay this much, not that you only can. Seems like a small difference, but really it’s the difference between honesty and a big fat lie.

One of my favorites is the casting couch director. Or the guy who sends girls to him. When a girl is told to stop by your office for a go see or meeting, it is unacceptable for you to begin hinting or expecting something from her. Thinking ‘If you suck my dick, I will put you in this movie’, is not only slimy, unfair and completely unprofessional, but believe it or not, if you don’t make it clear, most girls do not have mental telepathy, and are unaware of your thoughts and intentions.

At the very least, if you are ‘that guy’ have the balls to be direct about it and let the girl know clearly by saying ‘If you suck my dick/fuck me/etc, I will put you in this movie’. You are still a complete fucktard, but at least an honest one. If that’s how you operate, then at least be up front about it and give the girls the option to ‘earn’ the part. Tell girls who aren’t willing to play the disgusting game the truth as well. No, I’m not casting you because I am a sleaze ball and like to try out my talent personally, and you won’t do that.

To finalize the say what you mean rule on this outdated practice. if you do use the casting couch, do what you’ve promised. If you tell a girl, ‘you do abc for me. I can get you xyz. ‘then you damn well better do it. Don’t abuse your power or the naivety of new girls or even the ones who have been around who choose to play by your methods.

Male talent. Don’t suck up to girls and say ‘oh baby, you’re sooo hot!!’ and how you want to work with them so badly, and to please request you when you get the chance because you cant WAIT to do a scene together when what you mean is you need work desperately and you would really appreciate it if the girl gets the opportunity to bring you into a scene with her. If you are going to try and get work that way. be considerate and do the same in return. Request her as well if you expect her to do the same. Same rule for female talent. Don’t play flirty games to get guys to request you.

If you say, the check is in the mail, it better be. If its not, give a reason, don’t say you can’t understand why it hasn’t gotten there yet? If you say you will be there, show up. Don’t blame it on your roommate, agent, or a case of malaria. If you made an agreement, keep it. If you can’t, give an explanation.

This is a business, act like it. Say what you mean, mean what you say. If everyone in this industry did this it would be a much better place. Hell the world would be. Man up and give it a shot.

I checked out Moxxie’s site and it is owned and run by Hell House. I notice that you can’t click on the “webmaster” button, where you would normally go to sign up as an affiliate.

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